Among Us BUT You CHANGE COLOR Every 30 Seconds!

Nov 27, 2020
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⭐️ Among Us BUT You CHANGE COLOR Every 30 Seconds!
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  • Lol

    leesally rodriguezleesally rodriguez5 hours ago
  • 2 more kills and josh wins

    Anna Leonor BilroAnna Leonor BilroDay ago
  • it stressed me how they did not show the names and I spent my whole time figurating who was slogo

    juliette cardoenjuliette cardoenDay ago
    • Lol I got confused too

      Hailey ThornthwaiteHailey Thornthwaite5 hours ago
  • 2:18 i still think its pink

    zidan khan the bosszidan khan the bossDay ago
  • Hi

    Makayla FernandezMakayla Fernandez2 days ago
  • I wish I could play with you but my mum won't let me

    Ellie ChadwickEllie Chadwick2 days ago
  • Yo u said gray not white Lmao

    Lucas PonderLucas Ponder3 days ago
  • Josh how do I go on discord

    MD Glass PartitionsMD Glass Partitions3 days ago
  • Josh was going to kill jelly at the beginning I watched him

    A cool DudeA cool Dude6 days ago
  • 7:09 that task takes 3 seconds

    Rinnoa MikaRinnoa Mika6 days ago
  • No i love slog 😑😑😑

    Elena BangauElena Bangau6 days ago
  • One of my fav vids

    Adal_ sU0Adal_ sU06 days ago

    Sabrina AnnisSabrina Annis7 days ago
  • 1:11 nearly

    Zayaan TameemZayaan Tameem7 days ago
  • slogo want to play sky block with u 3

    Lucas ThompsonLucas Thompson7 days ago
  • You are my best youtuber in the world

    Lee AlanLee Alan7 days ago
  • You are purple :purple : I so purple vented...

    Jeseejesee 2Jeseejesee 28 days ago
  • Hahhahaa I like this idea. I thought of this idea.. Put gamemode to hard. And thats what it does

    Jeseejesee 2Jeseejesee 28 days ago
  • hi SLOGO

    Novak DjordjevicNovak Djordjevic8 days ago
  • You mean they blame green not red

    Adam GustavssonAdam Gustavsson8 days ago
  • You just got out played by jelly

    Juan Manuel YogyogJuan Manuel Yogyog8 days ago
  • slow. You’re the best

    Then ThiagoThen Thiago8 days ago
  • Slogo vented…

    PixeLionPixeLion9 days ago
  • Love you to!!😍

    Basketballjax2345 JaxBasketballjax2345 Jax9 days ago
  • Here's a tactic: Close security doors run to med bay or electrical vent kill in security and vent somewhere else.

    lil nuggetlil nugget9 days ago
  • 0:49 when he says hes gray

    rich_robert6rich_robert69 days ago
    • It's the mod. It means the mod is promoting their social media apps

      martheena alanomartheena alano2 days ago
    • what

      Makayla FernandezMakayla Fernandez2 days ago
    • He’s really white tho

      Daniel DeAngelisDaniel DeAngelis5 days ago
  • πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

    Shanika680 v .shfsWellingtonShanika680 v .shfsWellington10 days ago
  • the worst play ever but hey I'm just saying pressing the emergency button was a bad idea.

    Care CampbellCare Campbell10 days ago
  • Btw please do more and you know when josh said I think cyan sus Yeah cyan was me

    Miley Rayner Year 6Miley Rayner Year 611 days ago
  • It was weird I LOVED IT

    Miley Rayner Year 6Miley Rayner Year 611 days ago
  • 5:39 A marker for meh

    iStellaiStella11 days ago
  • Fun fact: u are sitting down scrolling down the comments still watching the video

    Jiadi WangJiadi Wang11 days ago
  • At

  • Slogo you turned white not grey but its ok

    Jay KayJay Kay12 days ago
  • I ment

    Edwin CapcoEdwin Capco12 days ago
  • Innersloth

    Edwin CapcoEdwin Capco12 days ago
  • Was that unnersloth

    Edwin CapcoEdwin Capco12 days ago
  • Who said slogo you are perfect

    Edwin CapcoEdwin Capco12 days ago
  • Was that the among us creatir

    Edwin CapcoEdwin Capco12 days ago
  • 0:49 he needs to learn his colours/colors

    MS LYN KIMMS LYN KIM12 days ago
    • Ye

      Natalia LabunNatalia Labun9 days ago
  • That was absolutely hilarious. I was on edge for the whole video but I lost it at the end. Who said josh?!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈ

    Teen.writer1Teen.writer113 days ago
  • GOD bless remember GOD love u

    Jemimah McKenzieJemimah McKenzie13 days ago
  • X

    Chaotic ChunkChaotic Chunk13 days ago
  • Slogo you're perfect , bro

    Adyan UddinAdyan Uddin13 days ago
  • Slog We Love U ! ;)

    Itz_soapy guizar-sanchezItz_soapy guizar-sanchez13 days ago
  • Yeah boi!

    Itz_soapy guizar-sanchezItz_soapy guizar-sanchez13 days ago
  • Why don't you guys play with 2 imposters

    Joud atef BadawiJoud atef Badawi14 days ago
  • Yes

    Marina Erchova - RobinsonMarina Erchova - Robinson15 days ago
  • Fgteey shawn

    Johanna HernandezJohanna Hernandez15 days ago
  • *Slogo: I'm now Grey!* *Me: Bruh that's white and there's no grey color in among us*

    Via PlayzVia Playz15 days ago
    • Perfect

      Janina PetersenJanina Petersen4 days ago
    • That’s what I said

      Miley Rayner Year 6Miley Rayner Year 611 days ago
  • Do this again and ur the impostor again

    Lyx XusLyx Xus15 days ago
  • N

    Justin KoperJustin Koper16 days ago
  • I miss fortnite

    iulia kramariulia kramar16 days ago
  • Slog. You. can β˜ οΈπŸ‘»and vant

    Ben NgBen Ng17 days ago
  • Is this video is faink

    Sean Kennedy A BelasSean Kennedy A Belas17 days ago
  • Did slogo say grey but its white

    Zia TootZia Toot17 days ago
  • Slogo your the best out of all this 3

    yyeett yyeettyyeett yyeett17 days ago
  • TNT has πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈπŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ§›β€β™‚οΈπŸ§›β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ’yko

    Nona InocencioNona Inocencio17 days ago
  • Ok I think that was the most hardest game of among us ever !!!!!

    akalewold seifuakalewold seifu18 days ago
  • Ahaha

    Shamraiz RafiqShamraiz Rafiq18 days ago
  • Jahahahahaha

    joseph31joseph3118 days ago
  • Slogo jelly and Sanaa are friend

    Moyi MoyiMoyi Moyi18 days ago
  • I

    Amaura WhitelaceAmaura Whitelace18 days ago
  • I’m uhhhh purple! :3

    Amaura WhitelaceAmaura Whitelace18 days ago
  • Josh wants to just watch the videos as you play the game

    Aujeanae GatewoodAujeanae Gatewood19 days ago
  • Entire crew that you and pasta anyway you change colour you no

    Abbas Hajj AliAbbas Hajj Ali19 days ago
  • I love you Josh

    princess makensprincess makens19 days ago
  • Ranbo

    Emma WilsonEmma Wilson19 days ago
  • i lol in

    Lucas FangLucas Fang20 days ago
  • Jelly and crainer who’s josh??!!me bruh he’s host so he’s at top left

    Meadhbh DooleyMeadhbh Dooley20 days ago
  • Slogo has cool hair😁

    Shera fansShera fans20 days ago
  • kayden and elis gameplay Xxkayden and elis gameplay Xx20 days ago
  • i saw slogo

  • i kick

  • You sick

    Xavier JervisXavier Jervis20 days ago
  • That looks super confusing

  • We love you Slogo

    Mike BouldenMike Boulden21 day ago
  • 0:50 what? You're grey??

    kate theunekate theune21 day ago
  • Slogo you are a pro

    poyraz incelerpoyraz inceler22 days ago
  • Why does josh always win but jelly does not

    Alison LoganAlison Logan22 days ago
  • Question when did we decide light blue was cyan

    Ava HillierAva Hillier22 days ago
  • I watch your videos all the time

    luke seddonluke seddon22 days ago
  • Hi

    luke seddonluke seddon22 days ago
  • Cyan

    Harvy Angelo DulayHarvy Angelo Dulay23 days ago
  • Rvdcdgcvfgfdgtgtnyi7 and a a few minutes later

    Diane MatthewsDiane Matthews23 days ago
  • Hi

    Chris DaviesChris Davies23 days ago
  • Why do you not play whit kweeblecob

    Samantha ZambranoSamantha Zambrano23 days ago
  • Sana manalo se slogoman

    Rubytes DiegaRubytes Diega24 days ago
  • Why did you kill yellow is front of everyone

    among us proamong us pro24 days ago
  • Slogo next time when I see you don't kill be

    among us proamong us pro24 days ago
  • its comms

    Ryan DuRyan Du24 days ago

    Geordie BoyGeordie Boy24 days ago
  • Dear Slogo Jelly has stole your diamonds he found your secret base and he is trying to beat the ender dragon he is trying to be the first one to complete it. Can you please make a troll hope you read my comment I will spam it in you vids

    Samantha Marie Dasalla RemediosSamantha Marie Dasalla Remedios24 days ago
  • Hey slogo the task in weapons if you look on the side you can see if they are the imposter

    Trev OpieTrev Opie24 days ago
  • Jelly

    Carron SinghCarron Singh25 days ago
  • Ok I got an idea! If you do this again, Tell them that it's you who they voted out so that they thought you were dead but actually still killing people

    _Toca Blitz__Toca Blitz_25 days ago
  • Slogo your the best

    among us proamong us pro25 days ago
  • Slogo is jelly is a dummy for you

    among us proamong us pro25 days ago
  • 0:49 um thats white lol

    RTVexxzroRTVexxzro25 days ago
  • Slogo why did you say that white was gray?

    among us proamong us pro25 days ago