Dec 14, 2020
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Among Us:
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  • Or jelly

    BOOBOO GamerBOOBOO GamerDay ago
  • Steve is imposter

    BOOBOO GamerBOOBOO GamerDay ago
  • Like

    BOOBOO GamerBOOBOO GamerDay ago
  • rishy is imposter

    Katherine BroadKatherine Broad7 days ago
  • Jelly is the grinch because he is green think the grinch

    MrDeanmc1MrDeanmc19 days ago
  • What about a cake

    Karen TufferyKaren Tuffery17 days ago
  • How

    Anthony HernandezAnthony Hernandez17 days ago
  • I did rishy was the grich

    Ilyas BariIlyas Bari18 days ago
  • In one video I forgot but he was the imposter and he vented to nav and he didn’t see the red flash on the camera

    ExtraMetro 2980ExtraMetro 298019 days ago
  • wtf

    Prince HowardPrince Howard20 days ago
  • I thought it was Jelly

    Daley CochranDaley Cochran20 days ago
  • I am afraid slogo

    Lim Sreypich 168Lim Sreypich 16820 days ago
  • I know game

    Lim Sreypich 168Lim Sreypich 16820 days ago
  • The imposter never killes the boys until later after 10 minutes as well

    Aimee WilsonAimee Wilson20 days ago
  • Birthday

    Lim Sreypich 168Lim Sreypich 16820 days ago
  • Thums

    Daley CochranDaley Cochran20 days ago
  • Who ever punched Thames down change it to thumbs up

    Daley CochranDaley Cochran20 days ago
  • I like how when somebody is the imposter and they do not kill josh or jelly an crainer they kill one of lem at the end🤔🤔

    Hayden ClemsonHayden Clemson21 day ago
  • How are they Santa’s little helpers if they are Santa’s

    Nic TrueNic True22 days ago
  • hi h

    Angel AlmeidaAngel Almeida22 days ago
  • hey my name is angel

    Angel AlmeidaAngel Almeida22 days ago
  • The grinch is light green

    DeKontee PyneDeKontee Pyne22 days ago
  • I love you Josh! I sponsered you!

    QweenQween23 days ago
  • 11:17 Josh went like: BOOM voted lol

    Pitifloesis FlowerpowerPitifloesis Flowerpower25 days ago
  • The queen that video where Minecraft with yes ammonia’s of where every where we which is mixed up with Minecraft yes and your all your Minecraft characters and earth so cleaner has to be the impostor there I’m super scared what if he killed you and that’s why he was following you any Ranger I jelly Liam bother so bad what is the side emoji😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

    Michael DodemaideMichael Dodemaide25 days ago
  • See on this video I gave you a like📝✉️📮

    Michael DodemaideMichael Dodemaide25 days ago
  • 📝✉️📮 like to see what your message from your from your fan is not really a fan but it’s Jasmine who heard of yourself slow go man do you like emoji so cute and also I know I always do those emojis when I sent some are USworlds are a message and do you like emojis or do you like cupcakes for it to be in the wind is the winner gonna get cupcakes or not all like Okies and is the loser gonna get them or what is the winner what the weather could get a cup okay I’ll get you emoji of what they will get loser will get a sweet I mean the winner will get a sweet and golden cup🎁 slow slow go man I gave you a present would you like to open it if you emoji will be the thing inside of it get it to the store🎈🔮 like the balloon and the globes I gave you in the present

    Michael DodemaideMichael Dodemaide25 days ago
  • There is a grinch among us no not ruining Christmas but killing people

    Ethan and AveryEthan and Avery26 days ago
  • I

    Emily MortonEmily Morton26 days ago

    TheBaxonTheBaxon27 days ago
  • Can u do more Minecraft among us

    UnknownUnknown27 days ago
    • Plz

      UnknownUnknown27 days ago
  • Jelly is santa's little little helper.

    Jaime & Jennifer SandefurJaime & Jennifer Sandefur28 days ago
  • Soglo

    Shivoun Samuel -PierreShivoun Samuel -Pierre28 days ago
  • 471016th view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgamingMonth ago
  • Roses are red Violets are blue Red is sus So are you Like for that👍

    Amy WebbAmy WebbMonth ago
  • Bark green scan

    Ivan j CardenasIvan j CardenasMonth ago
  • Yeah

    Mini_Menace 247Mini_Menace 247Month ago
  • I like Sligo he is the best

    Mini_Menace 247Mini_Menace 247Month ago
  • Me to this vid:”YESSSS CHRISTMASSSSSS✨✨✨✨” jouish people to this vid:”...............mama......where’s our Santa’s hats....???😭😭😭😭

  • It’s funny that they don’t know that u can see a ghost do a visual task 😂

    Raelynn HansenRaelynn HansenMonth ago
  • Actually, among us characters are 3 foot 6

    CCMonth ago
  • Pause at 54:00

    Brayden MorrisBrayden MorrisMonth ago
    • I mean 7

      Brayden MorrisBrayden MorrisMonth ago
    • 54

      Brayden MorrisBrayden MorrisMonth ago
  • That was fun!!!

    Liam EagleLiam EagleMonth ago
  • Wow for once someone else did the imposter

    Executed PotatoExecuted PotatoMonth ago
  • Jelly is probably Grinch junior but more smaller

    Cianan EvansCianan EvansMonth ago
  • Who hear misses old slogo

    Aaron BergerAaron BergerMonth ago
  • Jelly is the imposter

    Algene MayburyAlgene MayburyMonth ago
  • Caca

    weeb meweeb meMonth ago
  • No a ghost did it jush 😤😥 5:55

  • No one cares about chrismas 😃😉

  • I was just playing with you my name was tiko

    AndricPantsAndricPantsMonth ago
  • I was just playing with you in among us My name was Tico

    AndricPantsAndricPantsMonth ago
  • This was posted on my b-day

    savage playzsavage playzMonth ago
  • Brumfiel 0:34

    zander zanderzander zanderMonth ago
  • Can I be in one of ur vids in among us my name in discord is Johnnie I joined ur discord server

    Joem JamilanoJoem JamilanoMonth ago
  • I wish they would play multiple rounds because I feel like Josh is never the imposter

    minnie pinaminnie pinaMonth ago
  • He said the sh word 1:49

    Cr1s2ped Ba2kCr1s2ped Ba2kMonth ago
  • I don’t care if the vid is bad I always like!!!!

    Derek BarrettDerek BarrettMonth ago
  • I mean he used to do it all the time so its not that big of a deal but did he cuss again is this a sign of old slogo coming back?

    xX_ LBG3_XxxX_ LBG3_XxMonth ago
  • Hi

    Purple PooPurple PooMonth ago
  • Do a mod where the map is BACKWORDS. [plz do it slogo]

    Malissa HagansMalissa HagansMonth ago
  • Jelly is the dumbest man alive

    Debi HernandezDebi HernandezMonth ago
  • Merry Christmas Josh!!!

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4everMonth ago
  • SUSJelly

  • I gave u the gifts cause ur my fav youtuber

    Mia D CatMia D CatMonth ago
  • Merry Christmas everyone

    Elliot PendletonElliot PendletonMonth ago
  • Call me crazy

    Natasha DonohoeNatasha DonohoeMonth ago
  • 44223333

    Natasha DonohoeNatasha DonohoeMonth ago
  • ##£5&:9243

    Natasha DonohoeNatasha DonohoeMonth ago
  • Josh is the best

    Natasha DonohoeNatasha DonohoeMonth ago
  • I think Koolkats is my friend!!!

    OAM PlaysOAM PlaysMonth ago
  • ?

    Reed WhislerReed WhislerMonth ago
  • i want to do a game with you

    Reed WhislerReed WhislerMonth ago
  • Mr grinch ur a bad banana. with his skin all green and his teeth all yellow

    Kevin McCallumKevin McCallumMonth ago
  • I hope every one has a verry merry Christmas and a happy new year

    Lacey DonnachieLacey DonnachieMonth ago
  • 1:49 i thought he said sh*%

    Sanyam ChauhanSanyam ChauhanMonth ago
  • Ggg

    Lol Im sharkLol Im sharkMonth ago
  • yo fam my friend is zmde hi is on youtube

    spy ninja fanspy ninja fanMonth ago
  • Its jelly i know that cause crainer scanned

    zyrene Pausalzyrene PausalMonth ago
  • Whos the impostor josh othink jelly and crainer

    zyrene Pausalzyrene PausalMonth ago
  • I just saw you when I was one Among Us I said I subscribed a long time ago

    promasterpromasterMonth ago
  • What's up guys

    ysabelle baldovinoysabelle baldovinoMonth ago
  • Jelly

    Davika SinghDavika SinghMonth ago
  • Goood

    CHARBEL SassineCHARBEL SassineMonth ago
  • It’s the first time u guys got a fan to be an imposter

    Galaxia StiffzGalaxia StiffzMonth ago
  • Risky he wood died

    EliteSuly16EliteSuly16Month ago
  • It was jelly I now

    Star GamerStar GamerMonth ago
  • Did you realize that the viewers never get Impostor

    Венцислав СлавчевВенцислав СлавчевMonth ago
    • They are his,jelly's and crainer's discord moderator s

      Charu JainCharu Jain6 days ago
    • Those are not veiwers u dum dum

      Charu JainCharu Jain6 days ago
  • I can predict who is the impostor already but if its jelly crain or u u guys wont be vote out cause of the ved

    Oreo _ GamingOreo _ GamingMonth ago
  • Slogoman saw the grinch kill but still acted dum for content LOL

    reck lessreck lessMonth ago
  • crainer became the new kwebblekop

    CyeCyeMonth ago
  • Play war robots slog

    zhang alfredzhang alfredMonth ago
  • Hey josh I think fishy is Indian or Pakistani cause I am pakistani

    Mohtashim HussainMohtashim HussainMonth ago
  • I've honestly only been watching slogo lately despite being subbed to crainer, jelly and slogo.

    emerald gamer773emerald gamer773Month ago
  • it's jelly

    Rhys McClellanRhys McClellanMonth ago
  • Santa vs The Grinch 🤔🤔😛

    Jaylin DingmanJaylin DingmanMonth ago

    Uday MahmoodUday MahmoodMonth ago
  • I meant 11:16

    Puzzle GamezPuzzle GamezMonth ago
  • Hi

    sirnygasirnygaMonth ago
  • Nice vid

    Nasreen ShafiqNasreen ShafiqMonth ago