Jan 6, 2021
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⭐️Among Us With NEW JESTER ROLE!
Among Us:
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  • Jelly is the jester

    Dawson BellahDawson Bellah12 hours ago
  • your con fyoos my con fyos

    Layla WhiteLayla White12 hours ago
  • Not real fakers

    Corrales BanegasCorrales Banegas15 hours ago
  • Olga man wants to do a fortnite battle my name is chilly round 6 on fortnite jellyrenz6

    Charlotte ReynoldsCharlotte Reynolds18 hours ago
  • Cheli

    Bob123@gmail.comBob123@gmail.comDay ago
  • I will come in his army

    Sophie-Mae PassSophie-Mae PassDay ago
  • its so cool

    Sione KolofaleSione KolofaleDay ago
  • i play among us

    Sione KolofaleSione KolofaleDay ago
  • I new jelly was the jester

    Whitney coleyWhitney coleyDay ago
  • Wanna see josh becoming the jester

    Vedansh MishraVedansh MishraDay ago
  • jelly s da ester

    edison santosedison santosDay ago
  • Josh make a gold farm in minecraft

    Malik AliMalik AliDay ago
  • Its jelly jelly is a jester

    muhammad ALimuhammad ALiDay ago
  • Ok so it was in 13:49 and 13:48

    Ronnie KhumaloRonnie KhumaloDay ago

    Ronnie KhumaloRonnie KhumaloDay ago
  • How do u have jester couse im only on the among us one

    Teagan Adêl TheronTeagan Adêl Theron2 days ago
  • Jelly is sus

    Abram CastanedaAbram Castaneda2 days ago
  • Jelly is sus

    Abram CastanedaAbram Castaneda2 days ago
  • Blue is sus

    Abram CastanedaAbram Castaneda2 days ago
  • ?????????

    Rhythm TilyardRhythm Tilyard2 days ago
  • Josh wise trance in most of your videos

    Rhythm TilyardRhythm Tilyard2 days ago
  • Is trance in most of your videos Josh

    Rhythm TilyardRhythm Tilyard2 days ago
  • It was Ryan I now because I was watching in jelly jester role and jelly saw Ryan kill the body

    Nadine QasemNadine Qasem2 days ago
    • a ok????

      Rhythm TilyardRhythm Tilyard2 days ago
  • You can't even come up with your OWN ideas?

    jake the shirejake the shire2 days ago
  • Big fan slogo

    Laura JohnLaura John2 days ago
  • It's me ninja from among us we played together slogo

    Laura JohnLaura John2 days ago
    • Sligo

      Bryant RushBryant Rush17 hours ago
  • or creaner

    Naima El FardNaima El Fard2 days ago
  • jelly

    Naima El FardNaima El Fard2 days ago
  • I have been watching I am Sanna for quite a while

    Ryan CaputoRyan Caputo2 days ago
  • Crainer: Jelly! If you looking for sus things LoOk iN ThE MiRrOr *Crickets*

    Millie MMillie M2 days ago
  • what happens when the imposter kills the jester

    Melanie LoweMelanie Lowe2 days ago
  • Josh is amazing

    Hanna MelinHanna Melin2 days ago
  • Jelly is soo bad at being the impostor

    Ekamveer SethiEkamveer Sethi2 days ago
  • can we just talk about how creepy the music is

    rashed alghazwirashed alghazwi2 days ago
    • hahahahahahaha

      rashed alghazwirashed alghazwiDay ago
  • CAN HE 😀

    Karl JonesKarl Jones2 days ago
  • i new jelly was the jester and i new ryan was one too

    Athena SakkatouAthena Sakkatou2 days ago
  • josh i know who is the jester its jelly i saw it in he's channel

    Ouaisse OuaisseOuaisse Ouaisse2 days ago
  • Jelly Lelly Riems But Jelly Sus

    Rajan MisimiRajan Misimi2 days ago
  • i am sus of jelly he always got to be the impostor jester and more

    Allan Franco TabudloAllan Franco Tabudlo3 days ago
  • Sligo your video sucks

    Rehaan S saliRehaan S sali3 days ago
  • Is jellyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Erik FarikhinErik Farikhin3 days ago
  • 15:28

    jotaro Kujojotaro Kujo3 days ago
  • Josh is also known as jolly

    LuisLuis3 days ago

    Brantley CainBrantley Cain3 days ago
  • I scrub

    Ryan TaylorRyan Taylor3 days ago
  • Wasn’t this made by Socksfor1?

    Taco BoyTaco Boy3 days ago
  • idk how this works out if the imposter kills the jester

    Louis LimLouis Lim3 days ago
  • jelly was the jester

  • slogo jelly is the jester

    Jill SmithJill Smith3 days ago
  • "Jolly" WeLl ThAtS yOuR nEw nIcK nAmE !

    Mia BurgessMia Burgess3 days ago
    • jelly soy esto

      Ofelia MendezOfelia MendezDay ago
  • I really hope the jester role is real

  • Josh when you went to cams in medbay the vent opened

    Soap MactavishSoap Mactavish3 days ago
  • It’s jelly

    Mik TablousMik Tablous3 days ago
  • how do you do mods

    Leo Webber-PikeLeo Webber-Pike3 days ago
  • did anyone else see the vent pen a slither in medbay when josh came into cams near the end of the vid

    pallavi balapallavi bala3 days ago
  • Jelly is the jesrer

    Joshila RahmanJoshila Rahman3 days ago
  • Jelly won

    Rania AkbarRania Akbar3 days ago
  • Jelly was so lucky because he is the alwase susing all of rhe hole game and he is susing some body and evry one susing her

    Andy AquinAndy Aquin3 days ago
  • as the jester

    Jason DaveyJason Davey3 days ago
  • jelly saw a kill

    Jason DaveyJason Davey3 days ago
  • Who made the mod?

    Kyle RichardsKyle Richards4 days ago
  • did anyone see the vent open?

    Maelyn StephensMaelyn Stephens4 days ago
  • When josh was looking for trance jelly vented from medbay to electrical and killed

    Brighteyez ErwinBrighteyez Erwin4 days ago
  • OMG

    ميسم ميسمميسم ميسم4 days ago
  • So where’s the credit for my boy Socksfor1??? You know the creator of all the roles such as Jester Sherif Doctor Mayor and a few others

    Benjamin BrownBenjamin Brown4 days ago
  • What

    Josh BlatchJosh Blatch4 days ago
  • Slogo did you see that when you were going to the security room and you were saying jelly is the impostor and I watched jelly’s episode and enyway I saw that a vent open in medbay

    Cpcp PowellCpcp Powell4 days ago
  • Jelley

    Bell LongoBell Longo4 days ago
  • 13:49 you can see vent open when jost go's on cams you can see ryan walk out of medbey 13:51

    Landon TrdtudraLandon Trdtudra4 days ago
  • I think there should be eleven ppl cuz of the jester

    Austin CooneyAustin Cooney4 days ago

    kim armourkim armour4 days ago
    • HI

      kim armourkim armour4 days ago

    kim armourkim armour4 days ago
  • Jelly is the jester

    Noah4PresidentNoah4President4 days ago
  • Fully Sdpid

    JadeJade4 days ago
  • Jelly is the jester

    Kwadwo AdjapongKwadwo Adjapong4 days ago
  • I love you Slogo your videos yes

    Ari AlejandreAri Alejandre4 days ago
  • lol in Jelly and Crainers videos Josh called an emergency meeting. LOLLLLLLLL. And he cut it out

    You mei NinYou mei Nin4 days ago
  • U are copying socksfor1

    Ramzi DibRamzi Dib4 days ago
  • You took this from socksfor1 I bet

  • Jelly is the jester and Ryan is the Imposter

    Zoey DinsmoreZoey Dinsmore4 days ago
  • 13:53 vent opened in medbay

    Bonako KgopoloBonako Kgopolo4 days ago
  • He looked in cams cause he was gonna run away from the person he killed then he saw josh see him run past so he he went back and self reported these guys are so bad

    Smexy 5Smexy 54 days ago
  • wste fellow slogo

    Vineeth PallaVineeth Palla4 days ago
  • josh is big brain

    Ghislaine UwayoGhislaine Uwayo4 days ago
  • I saw you in among us

    Lia and DreiLia and Drei4 days ago
  • 13:48 vent in medmay

    Sita ChadhaSita Chadha4 days ago
  • Please do more of this

    Jetisme JTJetisme JT5 days ago
  • How to get this mod?

    Ahmed HamzaAhmed Hamza5 days ago
  • His among us videos are to serious and there's only 1 round each video

    神は見よ, 水牛神は見よ, 水牛5 days ago
  • Make the troll

    Rance VillaruelRance Villaruel5 days ago
  • Jelly short

    Afee SamAfee Sam5 days ago
  • Imposter Ryan and jester is jelly

    All around MeAll around Me5 days ago
  • i love you Slogo your my fav ytr

    NoamSauce HDNoamSauce HD5 days ago
  • It is Crainer

    Jadyn GilbertJadyn Gilbert5 days ago
  • It's easy to do card swipe

    Alexander TkachAlexander Tkach5 days ago
  • Jelly

    Rosaura MandozaRosaura Mandoza5 days ago
  • F u slogo

    cool dudecool dude5 days ago
  • I thought that it must be jelly who was the jester. because he reported more bodies than anyone together. and the impostor was ryan because the body was in elec and you saw his nametag on cams and there is a vent system from elec to medbay.

    Atiksh KumarAtiksh Kumar5 days ago
  • Hi

    Jesse WoutersJesse Wouters5 days ago
  • When jou were looking for trace i saw the med bay vent open

    Drian BruwerDrian Bruwer5 days ago