Jan 11, 2021
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  • I watched josh uppercutting crainer in the slowest speed just to laugh at how awesome it was

    Kayson HouserKayson HouserHour ago
  • Why don’t you play with jordie

    Gauransh SaraswatGauransh Saraswat2 hours ago
  • Josh where is this he is Staring at an aquarium tank

    Brodie SullivanBrodie Sullivan2 hours ago
  • I have played Gand beast it’s really fun

    Carol GrantCarol Grant4 hours ago
  • Me

    Kadrian PorterKadrian Porter4 hours ago
  • can you do more gang beasts? i love when jelly loses

    Weston LeonhardiWeston Leonhardi6 hours ago
  • Slogo and drained courlor is ketchup and mustard

    Joshua JeanJoshua Jean7 hours ago
  • Crainer was like I'm gonna trick jelly nope not today!!!

    Mago GarciaMago Garcia8 hours ago
  • Finally they uploaded another gang beast video

    Christina FigueroaChristina Figueroa8 hours ago
  • Jelly is the best youtuber than you

    Shantae AllenShantae Allen11 hours ago
  • R u sic

    Teresa WeaseTeresa Wease12 hours ago
  • I did

    Zeinab FawazZeinab Fawaz12 hours ago
  • It is a octopus

    Sean MaSean Ma13 hours ago
  • Hi keep up the good work

    Lauren GreerLauren Greer14 hours ago
  • 7:29 and that is what I call instant Karma.

    Nishil KakayaNishil Kakaya15 hours ago
  • Good game slogoman ok

    大きい男Sponjikage大きい男Sponjikage16 hours ago
  • Josh: OO WE CAN PLAY MY GAME Crainers just climbing the wall 🤣

    Simon EllisSimon Ellis18 hours ago
  • I missed seeing you playing gang beasts

    Amin NazmiAmin Nazmi18 hours ago
  • The giant octopus is the kraken

    Bryan GomezBryan Gomez22 hours ago
  • Slogo what do you guys do daily

    Lakitia CharlesLakitia CharlesDay ago
  • Me

    Lakitia CharlesLakitia CharlesDay ago
  • Cephalopod hostili is also said a hostile cephalopod or octopus

    Jaymee CaycoyaJaymee CaycoyaDay ago
  • Hey guys, does anyone know how to get pass the disconnected message when it says “Not enough players.” I’m trying to get a customized private game with three people. Or do I need a total of 4 people? I appreciate if anyone knows what to do.

    Anson MaAnson MaDay ago
  • Jelly:blah blah blah Josh:jelly that's not how you swim

    Bernadette InserraBernadette InserraDay ago
  • Go vTag

    Nikolai CornersNikolai CornersDay ago
  • Hi Bobby

    Andrea PereaAndrea PereaDay ago
  • ok jelly did not win was in the start it was slogoman win first

    Cayla Amira marizaCayla Amira marizaDay ago
  • Slogo: AN OCTAPUS! me:brush, thats a kraken

    Nathan OliverNathan OliverDay ago
  • 011

    Hayley WallHayley WallDay ago
  • The graphics improved in the update btw

    Ethan PierrepontEthan PierrepontDay ago
  • NO

    Amelle AhmedAmelle AhmedDay ago
  • Slogo won first round yay

    todoroki senpaitodoroki senpaiDay ago
  • This video waa funny😂😂😂

    Am ThangAm ThangDay ago
  • "Cephelopod *hostilie"* Me: *PeRfEcTiOn*

    PhromzrPhromzrDay ago
  • I liked 6.53

    Sheila & Samuel GuerinSheila & Samuel GuerinDay ago
  • Its not octopus its kraken

    Frosie UsaragaFrosie UsaragaDay ago
  • #####!

    Sock Ken ChuaSock Ken Chua2 days ago
  • i missed seeing gang beasts

    Amin EmadAmin Emad2 days ago
  • Play more gang beast

    Luis GalarzaLuis Galarza2 days ago
  • Slogoman it’s not a octopus it’s a Kraken, Kraken’s are way bigger than Octopus

    Preston MorenoPreston Moreno2 days ago
  • Why just jelly

    Damian MorinDamian Morin2 days ago
  • Thought kid friendly but not

    Damian MorinDamian Morin2 days ago
  • Oh I thought jelly one Jelly is a noob

    Anthony SheppardAnthony Sheppard2 days ago
  • Jelly is so sus that he won

    Anthony SheppardAnthony Sheppard2 days ago
  • Never change, my slug loving friend,never change

    Sophie HambySophie Hamby2 days ago
  • hi I'm new I like watching your video's who is jally

    Noah Raharuhi-Douglas7Noah Raharuhi-Douglas72 days ago
  • I love your videos

    A ArroyoA Arroyo2 days ago
  • Funny

    Seth OttwaySeth Ottway2 days ago
  • nnn

    Sebastian PraxedizSebastian Praxediz2 days ago
  • That was amazing s logo

    Diane TestaDiane Testa2 days ago
  • And you can make buff character

    Gaming With davidGaming With david2 days ago
  • hi boby

    Zachary WilliamsZachary Williams2 days ago
  • Hi bobby :)

    Intan TarmiziIntan Tarmizi2 days ago
  • its the Kraken dundundunnnn

  • If you jump and hold down X you will drop kick but if you do it with speed it will knock out someone

    Rhys WILLINGTONRhys WILLINGTON2 days ago
  • It's 2021, the frickin new map Is here, yey!!

    Chad Draven M. FloresChad Draven M. Flores2 days ago
  • Jdpl

    Jeaneth GinesJeaneth Gines2 days ago
  • lol

    Roland Marcel BachillerRoland Marcel Bachiller3 days ago
  • 😱😱😱😂

    PlanetPals GamerTVPlanetPals GamerTV3 days ago
  • what happened to the thumbnails

    YuviYuvi3 days ago
  • Jelly yelling giant sausage Slogoman said that's his code lol name 10:05

    Hmustang 23Hmustang 233 days ago
  • Lol

    Eric MojicaEric Mojica3 days ago
  • 3:34 lol Slogo got moves

    Austin BraceyAustin Bracey3 days ago
  • Hi there 👋

    Daniel StrangeDaniel Strange3 days ago
  • Hi bobby

    Angela LoseAngela Lose3 days ago
  • Aw l want to play but l don't have enough internet

    Yaritza VeraYaritza Vera3 days ago
  • yay i love this game!!

    Marianne JessopMarianne Jessop3 days ago
  • I once got glithed into the fish tank

    T CullenT Cullen3 days ago
  • Its called the kraken the name of the giant squid

    Matteo PietrantonioMatteo Pietrantonio3 days ago
  • I missed bobby

    Edward MunozEdward Munoz3 days ago
  • It's called a kraken

    Ash 1Ash 13 days ago
  • Do new who’s your daddy

    Devin TewaltDevin Tewalt3 days ago
  • why are you not making the skin jokes again?

    Ahmedgamer 2012Ahmedgamer 20123 days ago
  • Crainer was so dumb josh flung him far

    Mini_Menace 247Mini_Menace 2473 days ago
  • :me i want more gang beast vidios :slogo noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo never

    Träskräka 1891Träskräka 18913 days ago
  • I love this map can you please play more😇

    Kelly MachinKelly Machin3 days ago
  • Hostili=Hostile

    Bluega BillyBluega Billy3 days ago
  • Do said break the grass or break the glass

    NemoNemo3 days ago
  • Do a video in that map where you get the benches and build cover and protect eachother

    Rebecca HedgesRebecca Hedges3 days ago
  • slogo dont tell jelly but i like u more

    lewarmslewarms3 days ago
  • I know the shark is so cooooooooooooool

    Corey AllanCorey Allan3 days ago
  • I have gang beast and it’s scary

    Corey AllanCorey Allan3 days ago
  • That was really funny i laugh 😂

    Thairuz YumnamThairuz Yumnam3 days ago
  • You make my mom happy thanks..

    Drachoula MLDrachoula ML3 days ago
  • The Kraken

    Thanpal ChettyThanpal Chetty3 days ago
  • You dud

    Swingler FamilySwingler Family3 days ago
  • H

    sahar vahdatisahar vahdati4 days ago
  • does bob have a twin brother?or something and now his name is bobby

    felipe penerofelipe penero4 days ago
  • The octopus name is the kraken🐙

    Edwardo Leguarda JrEdwardo Leguarda Jr4 days ago
  • It's octopus and mode

    Vijaya KolnatiVijaya Kolnati4 days ago
  • I'm laughing so hard that I forgot how to breath 👁👅👁

    Cookie mwahCookie mwah4 days ago
  • jelly has hid diamonds under a tree near his base and there is traps in his base and there is cannons aming towards your base and craners base this in the mounten and he is building a bunker this in jelly's minecraft survivel world the one where you hacked in and jelly invited craner then everyone starte trolling eachother .the bunker is under his base

    Jadon AmudhanJadon Amudhan4 days ago
  • That part when you try to throw jelly it was very funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍

    Tassaduq Hussain - 81102/Supervisor-Security/BKPUPTassaduq Hussain - 81102/Supervisor-Security/BKPUP4 days ago
  • Where is burt? I THOUGHT BURT NOW ITS BILLY?

    Edryan Yvez AbadEdryan Yvez Abad4 days ago
  • They should make a Mosasaurus map It is a reptile that looks like this 🐊🐊

    Nenita GonzalesNenita Gonzales4 days ago
  • u cant go near the octopus and it pulls u and u have to hold on to the wall and try escape

    Arfana KouserArfana Kouser4 days ago
  • Jelly let’s break the grass! 🌱🌱🌱. Josh seriously 😒

    cookienum numcookienum num4 days ago
  • I played it

    Joshua QuinnJoshua Quinn4 days ago
  • I luv when cranier messing with slogo on the second last round also on the last round

    LunaLuna4 days ago
  • hey slogo there's a new map could airship map in 2021 in among us

    Pooja KumarPooja Kumar4 days ago