COPS vs ROBBERS In Among Us!

Nov 25, 2020
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⭐️ COPS vs ROBBERS In Among Us!
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  • this is good

    Hanna Ysabel MedinaHanna Ysabel Medina4 hours ago
  • I have a USworlds channel. When he killed crainer and jelly that was 10000 iq.

    sy liusy liu9 hours ago
  • Slogoman is the best Jelly is the dumbest

    Desjarlais KidsDesjarlais Kids17 hours ago
  • Its laboraty not laboratory

    Steven GraySteven Gray22 hours ago
  • Slogo

    Saif AwdaSaif AwdaDay ago
  • Me ni electrical

    Saif AwdaSaif AwdaDay ago
  • Call the cops on them

    Roblox master Roblox coolRoblox master Roblox cool2 days ago
  • Snich

    Charley AllenCharley Allen2 days ago
  • Hmmmm

    M. R. SantosM. R. Santos2 days ago
  • Ok this is dumb you win at 6

    EzdiEzdi2 days ago
  • The there musctaes

    leanne triggleanne trigg3 days ago
  • si. me. mom

    selafi Gr oh fselafi Gr oh f3 days ago
  • Egg

    selafi Gr oh fselafi Gr oh f3 days ago
  • mom

    selafi Gr oh fselafi Gr oh f3 days ago
  • mom

    selafi Gr oh fselafi Gr oh f3 days ago
  • Egg

    selafi Gr oh fselafi Gr oh f3 days ago
  • evry time i play amungus i do the kick on evryone

    Tyler NunezTyler Nunez3 days ago
  • it was so funny how slogo killed jelly i laughed

    Tyler NunezTyler Nunez3 days ago
  • Egg and Slogo win :)

    Kerran HarwoodKerran Harwood3 days ago
  • '40pm

    Hunter PlayzHunter Playz3 days ago
  • prfect video

    Dull SkullDull Skull3 days ago
  • I have been a fan From the start

    Nevan LopezNevan Lopez4 days ago
  • Play among us with powers

    Fletcher JohnsonFletcher Johnson4 days ago
  • Can you play with new map in among us

    Maj BavdekMaj Bavdek5 days ago
    • Because map will come a litle sooner

      Maj BavdekMaj Bavdek5 days ago
  • Yo

    Mairead HouriganMairead Hourigan5 days ago
  • You're supposed

    Danielle WardDanielle Ward6 days ago
  • I'm telling jelly

    Santiago LoeraSantiago Loera6 days ago
  • I

    Greasy-Puppy9Greasy-Puppy96 days ago
  • Haha

    Vivaan SiwakotiVivaan Siwakoti7 days ago
  • wanted me

    Elijah GriffinElijah Griffin8 days ago
  • jelly is dum

    Elijah GriffinElijah Griffin8 days ago
  • I love among us but i am on my moms old phone

    Adama ToloAdama Tolo8 days ago
  • im not sure if anyone noticed, but there is a henry stickman easter egg

    Branson SimmonsBranson Simmons8 days ago
    • I know nerd

      mariangail Ongayomariangail Ongayo5 days ago
    • When was it

      JeffreyJeffrey6 days ago
  • I laughed sooo hard when he said eggstrimly harrrrdddd haahsjjaha

    Shae SyquicoShae Syquico8 days ago
    • The logo is to try to USworlds channel I ever seen

      Jeremiah KingJeremiah King4 days ago
  • Sorry guys no response

    Henry frank GowerHenry frank Gower8 days ago
  • What a mean friend Josh is so mean to his friends I am going to unsub to him

    Inside Hmxa's worldInside Hmxa's world9 days ago
  • Whos watching this in 2021

    Haven HayHaven Hay9 days ago
  • 9:33 rank triple threat

    Nikutron GamerNikutron Gamer9 days ago
    • Btw this is from Henry stickmin

      Nikutron GamerNikutron Gamer9 days ago
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    achilles laiachilles lai9 days ago
  • Shhhhhhhhh

    Dakotah TreeceDakotah Treece9 days ago
  • That was such a silly question to ask after calling a meeting

    Shantanu BasuShantanu Basu9 days ago
  • I know the mod they are using it is called among us skeld new server you can download off playstore

    Mastermind GamingMastermind Gaming9 days ago
  • Me pro

    or bastkeror bastker9 days ago
  • Officer bob

    Daljit SahotaDaljit Sahota9 days ago
  • R o m

    Averil SmithAveril Smith10 days ago
  • This so cool

    Coco TranCoco Tran10 days ago
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    Jesus CastrejonJesus Castrejon10 days ago
  • Hi

    Jesus CastrejonJesus Castrejon10 days ago
  • Slogoman

    James playzJames playz10 days ago
  • Still a great 👍 I’ve had this for my birthday 🎁 I’ve had the opportunity of this game since I got to get my own game it has to get better I’ve had a

    Samuel LauSamuel Lau11 days ago
  • I he’s not

    Madison Carter mom king911 ElizabethMadison Carter mom king911 Elizabeth11 days ago
  • Jelly has 20.5 million subs

    Ramneek LandaRamneek Landa11 days ago
  • Slogo look at among us on the 7th of January 2021 and look there might be a new map called airship

    Liam GrayLiam Gray11 days ago

      Liam GrayLiam Gray3 days ago
    • It is the 7th and it is” there

      James HadlandJames Hadland10 days ago
  • Who is watching this in 2021

    Sharifa ShirzadSharifa Shirzad11 days ago
  • I join on your description

    mariya kyle gabrielle Brillantemariya kyle gabrielle Brillante11 days ago
  • I love among us im a kid but this is my mom cellphon

    Michelle BasconMichelle Bascon12 days ago
  • no whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Timothy HoyeTimothy Hoye12 days ago
  • Jelly slogoisinptor

    Cathey LeakatCathey Leakat12 days ago
  • I know right he killed trainer

    Nasir JumperNasir Jumper12 days ago
  • Why did you kill crainer at the end

    Cool Slug PlayzCool Slug Playz12 days ago
  • why did you kill your freand?and why did you vote jelly???

    Lorelie GarciaLorelie Garcia13 days ago
  • me and my brother like playing among us

    Henry AmbaritaHenry Ambarita13 days ago
  • Onna123

    durrell lucasdurrell lucas13 days ago
  • i like win you play amung us plese do more plese

    caylin looscaylin loos13 days ago
  • Bob bum Shaka lack of boom Shakalaka

    Holly Farrow-mossHolly Farrow-moss13 days ago
  • Oh wow why did jelly say want me that was funny

    nyan traintrnyan traintr13 days ago
  • Can you do episode 2

    Karen booKaren boo13 days ago
  • This was an eggcellent video!

    Speedy MarbleSpeedy Marble14 days ago
  • Thank you

    Peggy DitchPeggy Ditch14 days ago
  • You know someone was on cams

    Lucy NoordergraafLucy Noordergraaf14 days ago
  • Instead of jail GO IN LAVA!!!!!

    Evan MoxleyEvan Moxley15 days ago
  • Jelly and crainer josh is gona kill you both

    O,'Brien star boyO,'Brien star boy15 days ago
  • Big fan

    Emma HoareEmma Hoare15 days ago
  • you can do 3 imposters and 7 officers

  • ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Yaqoub AlbalushiYaqoub Albalushi15 days ago
  • RonSOMOgat

    Lyx XusLyx Xus15 days ago
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    Corey BrooksCorey Brooks16 days ago
  • Hi slogo

    Corey BrooksCorey Brooks16 days ago
  • Haha haha

    Angel JrAngel Jr16 days ago
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    Vikas BeriVikas Beri16 days ago
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    Karen Kelly IppolitoKaren Kelly Ippolito16 days ago
  • Cool

    TheJimrugbyTheJimrugby16 days ago
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    Ravi KapoorRavi Kapoor16 days ago
  • It was fox

    Jude ReynoldsJude Reynolds16 days ago
  • I love the idea😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Mike DMike D17 days ago
  • why

    Christie CottongimChristie Cottongim17 days ago
  • Hi

    Ian StewartIan Stewart17 days ago
  • Isnt this just regualr among us just with different names

    Markus OttingerMarkus Ottinger17 days ago
  • :me mum am I adopted :mum yeah. :me oh

    Nirvaan SinghNirvaan Singh17 days ago
  • Cill jelly and crainer

    Stephen ChristieStephen Christie17 days ago
  • Cill

    Stephen ChristieStephen Christie17 days ago
  • Coool

    stephanie hardystephanie hardy18 days ago
  • I told them

    Andre OlivierAndre Olivier18 days ago
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    Unicorn Kitten gamesUnicorn Kitten games18 days ago
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    Kamelrumpa102Kamelrumpa10218 days ago
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    William IngramWilliam Ingram18 days ago
  • Hey slogo do a Among us but it’s 3D

    Michelle AdkinsMichelle Adkins18 days ago
  • Slobodan sus Joe sus

    Nienke DiepenhorstNienke Diepenhorst18 days ago