Crazy RPG NEAR MISS Moments! (GTA 5)

Dec 31, 2020
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⭐️ Crazy RPG NEAR MISS Moments!
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  • Hoi

    brittany sloanbrittany sloanHour ago
  • 6:10

    king juiceking juice3 hours ago
    • nearly shot it

      king juiceking juice3 hours ago
  • LOL

    zhang xinjingzhang xinjing4 hours ago
  • But hos whaching in 2021

    Karen PattenKaren Patten8 hours ago
  • 😥

    Karen PattenKaren Patten8 hours ago
  • My name is slogoman2020 and thers three other numbers but I forgot them sorry that I forgot them sorry slogo

    Karen PattenKaren Patten8 hours ago
  • Can you ad me as a friend slogo

    Karen PattenKaren Patten8 hours ago
  • It looked like if slogo activated robot mode and like learned where he needs to shoot the rpg at jelly in 2:38

    Samantha mottaSamantha motta11 hours ago
  • 9.53

    اسامة الزهرانياسامة الزهراني13 hours ago
    • ok

      tommy2trappytommy2trappy12 hours ago
  • jelly is dum

    EJ ModdingEJ Modding17 hours ago
  • I remember when the slogo kwebekkop and jelly was together

    Frankey gaming GamingFrankey gaming Gaming20 hours ago
  • Damn this reminds me of the old times

    Jobo 28Jobo 2821 hour ago
  • i love how the rpg always won

    Vison ExilhommeVison ExilhommeDay ago
  • 9:08 haha

    k1n9 star gamingk1n9 star gamingDay ago
  • 2:30

    Ashley Nicole CalocAshley Nicole CalocDay ago
  • 2:45

    Ashley Nicole CalocAshley Nicole CalocDay ago
  • More GTA 5 videos please !! They are the best

    Michael JaramilloMichael Jaramillo2 days ago
  • dame the flick of the wrist

    Saaayy16Saaayy162 days ago
  • Guys there is a brand new car witch it has boost and this car is called toreador

    Mona BorgMona Borg2 days ago
  • One of the discord member who is it you guessed right Itz trance 🤘

    Vj Lala YtVj Lala Yt2 days ago
  • Remember when they played this with Jordan and josh hit that lucky shot on the silent guy

    Crumpled PaperCrumpled Paper2 days ago
  • 502766th view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming2 days ago
  • 6:48 only ogs remember charity

    Brighton OmarYTBrighton OmarYT3 days ago
  • 2:37 WHAT A SHOT😶

    Lc gamingLc gaming3 days ago

    Bianca Borrega13Bianca Borrega133 days ago
  • Don't say damn.

    Victor IjeomaVictor Ijeoma4 days ago
    • Hes an adult man

      Colonel CornColonel Corn3 days ago
  • Is trance you’re.fav

    Mackenzie GarrowMackenzie Garrow4 days ago
  • That time Josh said I never liked trance.... Trance: chatting everyday in discord to be licked and play with josh

    Teddy ArnoldTeddy Arnold5 days ago
  • Josh is best at this game because he shot jelly at air that was cool!!!!!!

    Mona BorgMona Borg5 days ago
  • Josh: jelly and crainer on the looser team and me and one of my members on winner team and leave a guess who will win. Me: didn’t he just said his team won

  • 2:36 i. am. speechless.

    MitchC73MitchC736 days ago
  • We’re dead😂

    Gaming boyGaming boy6 days ago
  • Your the bast

    Omega PlayzOmega Playz6 days ago
  • 2:35 og play :)

    Krazy WerewolfKrazy Werewolf6 days ago
  • Hahahahahahahahahaha the failure of crainers speech hilarious

    Kyros Laghayon.Kyros Laghayon.6 days ago
  • At 8:49-8:50, Josh’s character was like cool kids never look at explosions.

    Bobby Liberator464Bobby Liberator4647 days ago
  • 7:21 pls never say this about trance

    Unlucky BlockUnlucky Block7 days ago
  • Nostalgia

    Sloth KidSloth Kid8 days ago
  • jaeden

    Alexis ClarkAlexis Clark8 days ago
  • Wow Sligo is done

    Diana PlaceDiana Place8 days ago
  • Slogo is win

    SpeedgoSpeedgo8 days ago
  • Slogo is the best at GTA

    Daniel EvansDaniel Evans8 days ago
  • What the heck

  • I like this game

  • Love this!!!

    Ella CaballeroElla Caballero9 days ago
  • i feel bad for trance

    Sarmiento FamilySarmiento Family9 days ago
  • crainer: its up to me the crainster to kill j-j-josh... Josh:*laughes*

    The Odd Family CrazyThe Odd Family Crazy9 days ago
  • Ong I’m wheezing 11:40 lmaooooo🤣😂🤣

    Sander AjSander Aj9 days ago
  • Your not nice to your fans thats why you don't deserve 10 million subs

    Christopher ChaoulChristopher Chaoul9 days ago
  • :O that shot tho it's at 2:38...

    Orange ImpOrange Imp10 days ago

    Flare PhantomFlare Phantom10 days ago
  • Who remembers the go days when josh and jelly played this map with jordy only og subs can like

    Michael Fernandez-DunkleyMichael Fernandez-Dunkley10 days ago
  • and jellys dead 9:00😂

    Isaiah GonzalezIsaiah Gonzalez10 days ago
  • Why you guy’s acT like you guys never played

    Javier RuizJavier Ruiz10 days ago
  • i am only nine and i want to talk to him

    King james WilliamsKing james Williams10 days ago
  • i want to join his video

    King james WilliamsKing james Williams10 days ago
  • i like this video

    King james WilliamsKing james Williams10 days ago
  • Van Gaal has a chance to move your way and the players are a bit more confident in the game than they did in the last two seasons and eva and I have a lot of experience in the team and eva and I have been

    Lucas AndreassenLucas Andreassen10 days ago
  • slogo: dammmmmmm

    Addeking_08Addeking_0811 days ago
  • gosh saks

    عزان محمد الخروصيعزان محمد الخروصي11 days ago
  • Damn the flick of the wrist🤭

    electric sparkyelectric sparky11 days ago
  • Only its remember this map🙃

    electric sparkyelectric sparky11 days ago
  • no homies?

    EmmiDawg YTEmmiDawg YT11 days ago
  • 5:42 my time to shine

    Fortnite FunFortnite Fun11 days ago
  • 5:30 hooooooaaaaaaaaaaa

    Fortnite FunFortnite Fun11 days ago
  • 4:14 uuaaaahhhhh

    Fortnite FunFortnite Fun11 days ago
  • Josh: i never liked trance anyway. 2 seconds later i could have used his help

    darragh stop motion 2.0darragh stop motion 2.011 days ago
  • 3 years ago Slogo : and be smart like me KILLLS MLG

    Arrahmadino Affan pasaArrahmadino Affan pasa11 days ago
    • Only the OG SLOGOMAN FAN know this map

      Arrahmadino Affan pasaArrahmadino Affan pasa11 days ago
  • this was the funniest video ever

    mythic 2xmythic 2x11 days ago
  • 2:39 thats an automatic face 2:39 i just noticed that jelly just died pc he hit the standing thing not the rocket

    Elijah Jezriel BajanElijah Jezriel Bajan11 days ago
  • Broo I am a big fan so can i pls play with you this is my dream

    Ivo 2009Ivo 200912 days ago
  • Josh is a god at gta

    aanaas mohammedfasiuddinaanaas mohammedfasiuddin12 days ago
  • only og viewers dont need instructions and already have done this themselves

    What you lookin atWhat you lookin at12 days ago
  • RPG-ers is not a word lmao lol xdddd

    TIMMEHTIMMEH12 days ago
  • Remember when they were not kid friendly

    PotatoPotato12 days ago
  • Slogo Dump Minkraft veveoz

    Salma SalemSalma Salem12 days ago
  • I like how crainer is full of embarrassment

    Tanya CodyTanya Cody12 days ago
  • MLG!!! That shot though! Ohhhhh! 2:35

    Furious DaveFurious Dave12 days ago
  • Slogo always says (oh you are soooo lucky) 😂😂

    Chantre PottasChantre Pottas12 days ago
  • Plz do the new car the Grotti Italy RSX

    duck duckduck duck13 days ago
  • Josh im a kid im pilipino

    FA BelleFA Belle13 days ago
  • Jk I'm not sure though

    tikotiko13 days ago
  • Crainer is a very not cool hes a 🍑

    tikotiko13 days ago
  • Slogo is the best

    dylan dylandylan dylan13 days ago
  • Only og viewers know they played this years ago

  • You played this map once

    Martin HolazaMartin Holaza13 days ago
  • Josh accidentally uses 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000.00001% of his skills on camera

    Regardless boyRegardless boy13 days ago

    Rafael DociRafael Doci13 days ago
  • Love that GTA5 is back! It would be awesome to see you three doing Heists! 🎉

    YemilleYemille13 days ago
  • 2:37 9:03 only if red arcade still made gta5 wins this will be one of them

    Andy SanchezAndy Sanchez13 days ago

    Raphael playsRaphael plays13 days ago
  • what gta map is this?

    Devon SmelskiDevon Smelski13 days ago
  • That shot in jelly at the beginning was lit, that was the first time I got excited about a trickshot

    VibyViby13 days ago
  • 2:36 Daaaamn

    TheDarkLordRises AgainTheDarkLordRises Again13 days ago
  • Eggfrdyg

    Leo CadwickLeo Cadwick13 days ago
  • WHAT A SHOT!!!! 2:38

    N1GHT- TPN1GHT- TP13 days ago
  • Can u do more gta5 pls

    Jonathan McKennaJonathan McKenna13 days ago
  • Slogoman I love your videos 😍😍😍

    Summerfawthrop SummerfawthropSummerfawthrop Summerfawthrop13 days ago
  • 9:06 wow you have a great shot there Slogo

    SMC CalevSMC Calev14 days ago
  • Nostalgia...

    Yakner GamezYakner Gamez14 days ago