Everyone Has A TWIN in Among Us! (confusing)

Dec 13, 2020
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  • Shamsul BadriShamsul Badri8 days ago
  • Jelly is the inposdr

    Amanda CraigAmanda Craig14 days ago
  • Slogo jelly is the imposter vote the first one if it is not vote the other on

    Rose RoseRose Rose14 days ago
  • im cool yay because i have the like butt clicked

    Lucas CoronaLucas Corona15 days ago
  • It is always jelly as impostor

    Indigo ThomsIndigo Thoms17 days ago
  • That’s cool

    Atticus Harvey-BennickeAtticus Harvey-Bennicke17 days ago
  • Shields is a visual tarks

    Chevy playzChevy playz17 days ago
    • When slogs twin dose it the side goles when done

      Chevy playzChevy playz17 days ago
  • You should do the imposter can't see who is the other imposter do two imposters

    Ulysses CariagaUlysses Cariaga18 days ago
  • It would be cool if the imposter could go invisible

    Evil ClownEvil Clown18 days ago
  • I agree with milky

    Tasneem KoleilatTasneem Koleilat19 days ago
  • Love it

    Mehmet BilalMehmet Bilal20 days ago
  • At 1:41 you can already see the slogo twin isn't the impostor because he did shields

    Mqueen6Mqueen621 day ago
  • In nest El be imoostuer

    Debra PinkardDebra Pinkard23 days ago
  • Slogo is the best

    azam alrumithahazam alrumithah24 days ago
  • slogo: my twin is the impostor me: jelly is impostor

    Dull SkullDull Skull24 days ago
  • Do a nine player kill in a row mod

    Jude ClarkeJude Clarke26 days ago
  • Jelly is f**k

    Bima DompuBima Dompu26 days ago
  • Luv ur vids p.s MERRY Christmas p.p.s u deserve 10 million subscribers p.p.p.s u deserve more subscribers than Jelly

    Chloe WhiteChloe White27 days ago
  • Ive seen jellys video and he is the imposter

    Kathy sue RomineKathy sue Romine27 days ago
  • O my god

    Aidan OAidan O27 days ago
  • I think that everyone should have a little twin but one of the twins are the imposter

    Sophie loves to sing mehSophie loves to sing meh28 days ago
  • O maybe my twin is the imposter and he did shields which is visual but then he got cleared

    Tommy Rainey daysTommy Rainey days28 days ago
  • Crainer is weirdo why would he kiss his son (twin)

    Lee ColdridgeLee Coldridge29 days ago
  • its jelly twin

    happyhappy29 days ago
  • 835561st view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming29 days ago
  • so merry xmas and i got a laptop for christmas and im commenting from it got my comments back

    Peyton FowlerPeyton Fowler29 days ago
  • 4:39 haha did you see the other SLOGO at the bottom left of his circle real SLOGO was panicking hehe

    Greenwich JunkyGreenwich Junky29 days ago
  • Jelly's imposter

    NathanNathanMonth ago
  • Didn't you already do this one? I just watched a video where you have a twin.

    Ethan CrailEthan CrailMonth ago
  • its jelly

    Brenden RolleBrenden RolleMonth ago
  • Imagine what it would be like if Josh had a twin in real life.

    CS04 BOOM9CS04 BOOM9Month ago

    Jake PrinceJake PrinceMonth ago
  • Cuz I have a g-shock

    Test TestTest TestMonth ago
  • What type of watch do you have

    Test TestTest TestMonth ago
  • Or not because I just watch jelly and jelly was the imposter

    Arev MikaelyanArev MikaelyanMonth ago
  • Every time the imposter is you jelly or crainer why you vote other players HUH? πŸ€”

    Nader Abou FarrajNader Abou FarrajMonth ago
  • You screamed like you had lost your child

    firefox gamingfirefox gamingMonth ago
  • hi

    Anthony CarvalhoAnthony CarvalhoMonth ago
  • Josh maybe a twin in among us is like a pet it may be my first time seeing you have a pet josh

    Isaiah MaganaIsaiah MaganaMonth ago

    sillybilliechillisillybilliechilliMonth ago
  • do more roblox among us

    Quick ReleaseQuick ReleaseMonth ago
  • Bruh no fair im a nerd

    Victor AndrewVictor AndrewMonth ago
  • Use code slog

    Vladimir ContrerasVladimir ContrerasMonth ago
  • There is 2 of each colour ?

    Naomi TippingNaomi TippingMonth ago
  • You guys should play with two imposters

    Jenny FergusonJenny FergusonMonth ago
  • Slogo twins

    sillintassazzin23sillintassazzin23Month ago
  • if a twin dies the other twin is the impostor because they are always together

    brunketa zotobrunketa zotoMonth ago
  • Jelly jelly has a twin in real life

    banana level bb8banana level bb8Month ago
  • Your twin was the imposter!

    Nicola WallaceNicola WallaceMonth ago
  • Jell is the impostor

    Bibha SinghBibha SinghMonth ago
  • Be imposter please

    Nahal NabiNahal NabiMonth ago
  • Jelly

    Riley HarveyRiley HarveyMonth ago
  • I know jelly is a imposter

    Maria GambolMaria GambolMonth ago
  • πŸ˜‚ hahahaha

    raphy jadiel garciaraphy jadiel garciaMonth ago
  • is nobody gonna talk about Josh's long hair?

    JokerJokerMonth ago
  • Jelly impostor I watch his vid

    Hyper CuriousHyper CuriousMonth ago
  • Jelly is the Imposter

    ali ayanali ayanMonth ago
  • Its jelly

    peanut my cat meoupeanut my cat meouMonth ago
  • It is jelly in the first round

    Anita AguirreAnita AguirreMonth ago
  • Next do β€œAmong us but........... u join in 2 devices to troll” Plan is that you join in u r PC and other you join in other device but diff. Name and charecter and the PC one is imposter aka YT record vid PC or whatever but u get the point right , u r imposter on PC and on other u on other device will aka u will help you

    Parin AdityaParin AdityaMonth ago
  • Jelly is imp I watch him

    Ghost_gamerzsGhost_gamerzsMonth ago
  • γ…€

  • Crainer has my exact among us skin

    Gavin MillerGavin MillerMonth ago
  • Message

    Robbie BuenaobraRobbie BuenaobraMonth ago
  • I love you slogoman pls heart this mes

    Robbie BuenaobraRobbie BuenaobraMonth ago
  • In among us my character name is bendy and I joined my own server and we said hi and the twin is not moving and I'm moving

    lykaruizlykaruizMonth ago
  • Slogo gives respect to hes fans u can see it in he vids of among us i am happy about that :)

    lionhunterbeastXD11 xDlionhunterbeastXD11 xDMonth ago
  • I like I’m cool

    DiamondWolfYTDiamondWolfYTMonth ago
  • 10M ON THE WAY!!!!πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

    Leandro HernandezLeandro HernandezMonth ago
  • Jelly

    Laycen Garcia-RawlinsLaycen Garcia-RawlinsMonth ago
  • Please please please literally

    Faisal ALghamdieFaisal ALghamdieMonth ago
  • Please play for night

    Faisal ALghamdieFaisal ALghamdieMonth ago
  • Sogo man Play fortnight

    Faisal ALghamdieFaisal ALghamdieMonth ago
  • It has to be jelly it's jelly

    Anthony DFAnthony DFMonth ago
  • I clicked it

    Allison MaxwellAllison MaxwellMonth ago
  • That ending is not normal

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4everMonth ago
  • slogo jelly. is killer

    Francisco BMFrancisco BMMonth ago
  • Cool bro

    pro 2pro 2Month ago
  • I like your all vids slogo :)

    Gamer beat lyGamer beat lyMonth ago
  • You go slow to the middle and go fast when you go past with the card smipe.

    周国周国Month ago
  • he said mate for the first time

    nabil yaacoubnabil yaacoubMonth ago
  • Karens : AMONG US IS TO BRUTEL Slogo : what if we had twins in among us

    Dum dumDum dumMonth ago
  • jelly is the imposter

    Maanyata ParajuliMaanyata ParajuliMonth ago
  • Jelly imp i saw murderj

    critical ops sabercritical ops saberMonth ago
  • Fun fact:you searched this cuz u can't find slogoman randomly in the vids

    Mehrnaz MoghaddamMehrnaz MoghaddamMonth ago
  • Slogo:jelly Subtitles:julie

    Cyreline RulomaCyreline RulomaMonth ago
  • Polly is the Imposter

    Sasha IsraelSasha IsraelMonth ago
  • haha this was so funny good job guys could i one day be ur video slogo i joined ur discord?

    Shirley MckernanShirley MckernanMonth ago
  • Slogo talks to his twin like it's his child

    Ojeda BoyyOjeda BoyyMonth ago
  • At 6:53 crainer's twin said he saw crainer do it i'm sure slogo saw but nobody said or did a thing to make the video longer

    Skyler BurtonSkyler BurtonMonth ago
  • Ba ba bo ey

    Ria BhatnagarRia BhatnagarMonth ago
  • jelly

    Jessica McClendonJessica McClendonMonth ago
  • Josh man

    Meluka MussaMeluka MussaMonth ago
  • Slogo doesn’t sound convicing

    Yixuan HuangYixuan HuangMonth ago
  • The Imposter

    Diana LopezDiana LopezMonth ago
  • Hi new here wow slogo,crainer and jelly wow like them!!!!

    Exci YangaExci YangaMonth ago
  • Jelly is the imposter

    Ma filipina GerlabanMa filipina GerlabanMonth ago
  • jelly

    Rex CurtisRex CurtisMonth ago
  • Cool 😎

    kumanoid Kumanoidkumanoid KumanoidMonth ago
  • I’m cool waa

    Mary BushbyMary BushbyMonth ago