I Gifted My FRIENDS A PRESENT In MINECRAFT! (secret surprise)

Dec 11, 2020
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  • Hey josh crainer got his diamonds and also took the diamonds of jelly that’s why jelly trolled u bcoz he thought that u trolled him.

    Vedansh MishraVedansh MishraDay ago
  • Crainer u know who love and stealing diamonds its Jelly

    Gian RicaplazaGian Ricaplaza4 days ago
  • u did not put the diamond in

    Katrina SinclairKatrina Sinclair4 days ago
  • american wool. nice.

    SludgernautSludgernaut5 days ago
  • Slogo jelly has a attic with diamonds in his brick house but I think he demolished his home

    Technological FailureTechnological Failure8 days ago
  • The colors he made for the sheep are red white and blue 🇺🇸

    Keenon BennettKeenon Bennett8 days ago
  • Jelly steel your diamond and it is under one of his tree in his plot

    Plum PlumPlum Plum11 days ago
  • Crainer pick his diamond and and stole Jelly’s diamond and put 1block of dirt in the middle spot of the chest

    ClickFast EatPoopClickFast EatPoop11 days ago
  • Criminals diamond is in Joey‘s ad

    neringaliepsnaneringaliepsna14 days ago
  • crainer stole jellys diamond

    Subigya RimalSubigya Rimal15 days ago
  • Fill the gifts up with wool

    Milo BlumbergMilo Blumberg18 days ago
  • That is 6x5 so it is not even

    Milo BlumbergMilo Blumberg18 days ago
  • Roosters, NRL colours

    Milo BlumbergMilo Blumberg18 days ago
  • Slogoman. crainer stole jelly presant

    Maverick McDonaldMaverick McDonald18 days ago
  • Josh Kraner stole jellies diamond

    Youssef EhabYoussef Ehab20 days ago

    NateGamingsNateGamings20 days ago
  • josh haaaa you made a castle right jelly stoles your diamonds that you got from crainer haaaa jelly jelly got diamonds yay l am on jelly,s side jelly got the leveler to the lake

    Isaiah RomoIsaiah Romo22 days ago
  • Crainer steal jelly's diamonds

    Merly GamponMerly Gampon23 days ago
  • Slogo crainer has stolin jellys domon

    Araceli andreousManceraAraceli andreousMancera24 days ago
  • Josh Crainer stole Jelly’s diamond and replaced it with dirt

    The BeastThe Beast24 days ago
  • Josh your present you gave jelly Crainer stole it and replaced it with Dirt jelly was made very made

    Aiyaz Sayed-KhaiyumAiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum24 days ago
  • C

    Priss RosasPriss Rosas25 days ago
  • jelly has a up up stairs

    james shewanjames shewan25 days ago
  • Chrainer stole the Diamond you gave to jelly 😂

    Sylvia EspedidoSylvia Espedido25 days ago
  • I gave my friends a present in Minecraft I gave elderly cookie29 3 diamonds and I gave chewjr55 3 diamonds and I gave my self a new Eleytra

    James RooksberryJames Rooksberry25 days ago
  • Hey josh jelly found your securit diamonds

    snoopy360snoopy36025 days ago
  • jell stone your diamonds!!!

    trequan dunlaptrequan dunlap25 days ago
  • Rainer ruined it when he stole jellies diamond

    Wolfie GangWolfie Gang25 days ago

    Animal GirlAnimal Girl25 days ago
  • .sologoman creater get jelly's dimand and put derat instead

    Bee SanBee San25 days ago
  • Jelly steal chainers diamon

    Rosalyn BesaRosalyn Besa25 days ago
  • faku

    best mspobest mspo25 days ago
  • Slogo crainer stole jelly's diamonds that you gifted jelly troll crainer but not jelly please this is a snitch

    Go KuGo Ku26 days ago
  • This is my favorite series hands down 😂💯

    LaayLaay26 days ago
  • I disseb to Creiner.

    Odeta AllaOdeta Alla26 days ago
  • He stol them. Yeaaàaaaaaaaa

    Odeta AllaOdeta Alla26 days ago
  • Sorry not sorry I told crainer about where your d.......... are that is for blaiming jelly for the prank (d........) and stealing the d........

    Rj GroblerRj Grobler26 days ago
  • Josh you need to destroy jelly’s house

    Henry AitchisonHenry Aitchison26 days ago
  • Vai do you nid dat stupet lake

    teimuraz chilingarashviliteimuraz chilingarashvili26 days ago
  • I think you make a castle

    Anthony HernandezAnthony Hernandez26 days ago
  • Jelly has diamonds in his attic

    Erin_ gamesErin_ games26 days ago
  • crainer took jellys diamond and replaced it with dirt

    Hendrix Crey CastilloHendrix Crey Castillo26 days ago
  • 1000000000000k

    Randolf MaisogRandolf Maisog27 days ago
  • For crismes

    Samuel FloresSamuel Flores27 days ago
  • I anime jelly fan and I tell jelly logo has a secret base

    Mystie PerezMystie Perez27 days ago
  • Jelly has a secret atic where he ceeps his diamonds

    bomberdinbomberdin27 days ago
  • crianer get the diamonds and give you dirt

    Xandher MinecraftXandher Minecraft27 days ago
  • 00:00

    Rahim O'DwyerRahim O'Dwyer27 days ago
  • Hey crainer tuk da duamond end he put. A dert

    Paul lyle EspiritusantoPaul lyle Espiritusanto27 days ago
  • Jelly is beating the ender dragon another episode

    Mylene RaymundoMylene Raymundo28 days ago
  • Slogo now you are in trouble

    Sparsh BhasinSparsh Bhasin28 days ago
  • slogo crainer took jellys diamond and rplaced it with dirt

    waruni weerathungawaruni weerathunga28 days ago
  • Jelly

    Dhon Marc PerryDhon Marc Perry28 days ago
  • josh i saw crainers vid and he took jellys Dimond !

    PB - 04CJ 872642 Ridgewood PSPB - 04CJ 872642 Ridgewood PS28 days ago
  • Crainer sole Jellys present!

    hunter ninghunter ning28 days ago
  • crainer stole jellys diamond in the present

    Natalie BarryNatalie Barry28 days ago
  • Cool

    Warda AbdulsamedWarda Abdulsamed28 days ago
  • 1/10 like your video

    Samay HembarmSamay Hembarm28 days ago
  • Slogo stands for red color, so it was obvious that he was gonna be the Santa Claus of turtle town! (It's a shame that Crainer switched Jellys diamond with dirt. I get it, the only thing Jelly has been doing lately is stealing diamonds from Crainer, but the bad part is that Jelly now thinks that Santa gave him dirt and whants revenge. He did actually deserve dirt, not "I whant to give you diamonds and I'm giving Crainer some just so it's fair."!)

    Fainuole 5000Fainuole 500028 days ago
    • Santa rite

      Odeta AllaOdeta Alla26 days ago
  • And also he made it look like his house got burned down too

    kavaughn brownkavaughn brown28 days ago
  • I watch the video when you burn your house down did a massive trole

    kavaughn brownkavaughn brown28 days ago
  • Slogoman jelly burned your house down

    kavaughn brownkavaughn brown28 days ago
  • Hi Josh I am your bigs FAN and my name is Zane.

    ilikegrillcheese ._.ilikegrillcheese ._.28 days ago
  • I know what is going to be inside it is just a dirt

    peng gaopeng gao28 days ago
  • Cranmer took your diamands

    Adam El GarchaniAdam El Garchani28 days ago
  • Diminds

    Niamh Ellen ClarkNiamh Ellen Clark28 days ago
  • Lol jelly like 55

    Elisabeth Ann NassakElisabeth Ann Nassak29 days ago
  • sogo crana rewind jelly s pretty you are gowen to get cholde

    malekitomamalekitoma29 days ago
  • Bad idea because they probably found out

    Lol with JulianaLol with Juliana29 days ago
  • Slogo jelly got dirt because crainer stole his diamond

    leong jaydenleong jayden29 days ago
  • Crainer stole jellies diamond from the big present and replaced it with a block of dirt

    Cindy McbrideCindy Mcbride29 days ago
  • Crainer sore the gife

    Alexa CorreaAlexa Correa29 days ago
  • Josh crainer put dirt in jelly's present

    Marlyn MaderajejoMarlyn Maderajejo29 days ago
  • Crainer stole diamond from jelly live dirt

    norasmahan abdullahnorasmahan abdullah29 days ago
  • Hey crainer stoled jelly's diamonds that u gave him and jelly is mad at u :-:

    SnowyTheFoxSnowyTheFox29 days ago
  • Me to it is funny

    Marcus AureliusMarcus Aurelius29 days ago
  • I liked and subscribed and hit the bell JOSH!🤗

    William NewmanWilliam Newman29 days ago
  • The fish is for the first time

    Maryam MohsenMaryam Mohsen29 days ago
  • I just wanted to let you know that there are some diamonds in jelly’s attic

    Janneke HollidayJanneke Holliday29 days ago
  • Hey slogo crainer still you give jelly diamond

    Ivan James BalabboIvan James Balabbo29 days ago
  • Sor

    Azan aliAzan ali29 days ago
  • master that yellow guy stol jelly,s dimonds or els i tale jelly your skret😠😠

    Marvin Dela TorreMarvin Dela Torre29 days ago
  • Slogo play with Eystream one video with him please please

    DRAGON GAMING 302DRAGON GAMING 30229 days ago
  • Crainer stole the diamond u just gave to jelly :/

    yuri monesyuri mones29 days ago
  • Slogo crainer took jellys dumond and put fort in it

    Jami BohnJami Bohn29 days ago

    Onomen EtiobhioOnomen Etiobhio29 days ago
  • Dirn house jelly Peking

    Dwane OrquizaDwane Orquiza29 days ago
    • Youtar jelly nohon

      Dwane OrquizaDwane Orquiza29 days ago
  • Dorn

    Dwane OrquizaDwane Orquiza29 days ago
  • crainer stole jellys daimond so he has 2 daimonds and jelly got dirt

    Kat & Thomas McKnightKat & Thomas McKnight29 days ago
  • I know what it is

    silss goldbergrrsilss goldbergrr29 days ago
  • It was nice of you to give those two, two diamonds. Your the mature one here even tho you have a evil plan.😈

    Sarah AlvesSarah Alves29 days ago
  • Please play more of Minecraft

    Cameron and MarioCameron and Mario29 days ago
  • And troll him

    Denmark ElladoraDenmark Elladora29 days ago
  • i know whats her present its ???? fine its dirt

    IamDyjhen CabaliIamDyjhen Cabali29 days ago
  • Crainer stole the diamonds from jelly and replaced it with dirt

    popularmmos fan :0popularmmos fan :029 days ago
  • Crainer burned your house and on the top roof u can break and search Dimonds

    Bishwas LamaBishwas Lama29 days ago
  • It's 1k

    Bishwas LamaBishwas Lama29 days ago
    • With two 00

      Bishwas LamaBishwas Lama29 days ago
  • Slogo jelly has a plan to defeat the ender Dragon - RhianKristoffer

    Rhian TornoRhian Torno29 days ago
  • Crainer stole Jelly's present

    Devang GawasDevang Gawas29 days ago
  • There is dirt in present yes there is

    ARO STARARO STAR29 days ago