Jan 1, 2021
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  • Slogoman has a brother

    Nathan SevernNathan Severn2 hours ago
  • can you kill jelly

    Jiro Marco MondragonJiro Marco Mondragon6 days ago
  • Hi jelly Craynor and Sluggo

    Ammelia WilliamsAmmelia Williams6 days ago
  • Be good

    manisha vaghelamanisha vaghela7 days ago
  • Come on

    manisha vaghelamanisha vaghela7 days ago
  • I take my words back

    Pc LalhruaikimaPc Lalhruaikima7 days ago
  • Its jeff the killer slogo :V

    Pc LalhruaikimaPc Lalhruaikima7 days ago
  • My name is ninja

    katie armitagekatie armitage8 days ago
  • Slogo I know you have a brother

    Ashton SummersAshton Summers9 days ago
  • 620494th view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming9 days ago

    Chris MachacekChris Machacek9 days ago
  • Stay safe

    Emily MorrisseyEmily Morrissey10 days ago
  • Did anybody see jelly dodge the machete

    Gabriel ArrietaGabriel Arrieta10 days ago
  • Josh have a sitter for real

    Romaine RobinsonRomaine Robinson11 days ago
  • Just play friday the 13th the game

    Dominik KrawczykDominik Krawczyk11 days ago
  • Lol

    Mandi LeighMandi Leigh11 days ago
  • 5:14 When you see your ex with the girl he told you not to worry about πŸ˜€ 🀚πŸ”ͺ

    iStellaiStella11 days ago
  • Josh/Slogo I have a request plz play a game called tip top in minecraft. when you sneek the seeker can't get you. And when you stand still the seeker will get you. And sneeking for too long is against the rules.(like the game)you need seeker,s axe to kill runners

    Rabia AbbasRabia Abbas13 days ago
  • Me to

    Zalen WillisZalen Willis14 days ago
  • I want you to play Nintendo

    Candy LiuCandy Liu14 days ago
  • Hide and seek as jason

    King CrabKing Crab14 days ago
  • In my 360 game I saw the little town that you were were in I couldn't believe that's that town was my exact town from the 360

    Nate NapolskiNate Napolski15 days ago
  • Who'd win, Slogo as Jason or 3 Iron Golems?

    Reece MasonReece Mason16 days ago
  • 4:08 Sounds Like a job for Maury!!!

    Reece MasonReece Mason16 days ago
  • ppppppppp THAT WAS FUNNY

    Irvine PlayzIrvine Playz17 days ago
  • In the Minecraft world u troll jelly and crainer house jelly has hidon dimondos under the tree by his

    IceySnake FNIceySnake FN17 days ago
  • D

    Teina KoreTeina Kore17 days ago
  • 1

    Alijah BrownAlijah Brown17 days ago
  • Do you want to survive a challenge 100 days with jelly and jelly Kraner and you

    Myles GoodheartMyles Goodheart17 days ago
  • Lol my dads name is jason

    Kristin JensenKristin Jensen18 days ago
  • Crainer:BoO BoO Slogo:put the mask on Crainer:fine Crainer:*says wow in a feeling bed way*

    Minecraft gamer GirlMinecraft gamer Girl18 days ago
    • I meant bad-

      Minecraft gamer GirlMinecraft gamer Girl18 days ago
  • Can you play Friday the 13th with Crainer please

    T GamerT Gamer18 days ago
    • The real one

      T GamerT Gamer18 days ago
  • slogoman is the best

    Monica SinesMonica Sines18 days ago
  • It was funny when jelly was Doing choking noises XD 🀣🀣🀣

    Ricardo TenchipeRicardo Tenchipe18 days ago

    Keaton WellsKeaton Wells18 days ago
  • u make a video outside

    Zakk Angela BarbazaZakk Angela Barbaza18 days ago
  • Jason Voorhees

    SupersayanblueSupersayanblue18 days ago
  • Pov: u live in a village

    NElli SzabΓ³NElli SzabΓ³18 days ago
  • your not Aloowed to say the d word

    dogpuppydogpuppy19 days ago
  • can you make the FRIDAY THE 13TH game with your disc members /w jelly and crainer?

    dogpuppydogpuppy19 days ago
  • lots were harmed

    Caleb MyersCaleb Myers19 days ago
  • I like how crainer was just like "stab"

    Luis ValoisLuis Valois19 days ago
  • It isn’t a knife it’s a machete

    Wesley MarshallWesley Marshall19 days ago
  • Slogo you have 9.44k subscribers ❀️

    Surovi DelowarSurovi Delowar19 days ago
  • Jason voorhees

    Ricardo jonesRicardo jones19 days ago
  • I love watching slogoman

    C PC P19 days ago
  • Hey Slogo! Big fan... Also, this is ur first video of 2021!

    Mark SingletonMark Singleton19 days ago
  • As a big Friday the 13th fan I can say that I enjoyed every second of this

    Alex IsInTheLabAlex IsInTheLab19 days ago
  • Alright, I'm going to go choke a villager- josh 2021

    AARON DAVIDSAVER (Student)AARON DAVIDSAVER (Student)19 days ago
  • 1:08 ahhhhhh

    kasey Brownkasey Brown19 days ago
  • Good job Josh, I've been here almost since the beginning, you've inspired me so much, and I love the way you film your videos and your humour. Keep the good work up, and good luck in 2021.

    PizzaCrustPizzaCrust19 days ago
  • what it's that wa ta

    Shafiyuddin MdShafiyuddin Md19 days ago
  • Happy new year

    Trel AllenTrel Allen19 days ago
  • The knife looks like a butter knife

    Freddy FazbearFreddy Fazbear19 days ago
  • jason 4 he lol

    Lizhou ChenLizhou Chen19 days ago
  • is itJason Derulo

    faze gamer#7597faze gamer#759720 days ago
  • Friday the 13th the game is really violent

    JC FosterJC Foster20 days ago
  • Their fan fiction: Choke me harder daddy~ Plz no.

    MarkVlogsMarkVlogs20 days ago
  • Friday the 13th has nothing to do with jason and his Mother His mother was the antagonist in the first part the rest was all Jason trying to make his dead mother proud by murdering every adult and teenager that crosses Camp Crysal Lake But "Jason takes Manhattan" doesn't really count since, well he goes to Manhattan

    InfernalHugzInfernalHugz20 days ago
  • slogo should play fortnite again anybody agree????

    xpert suptaxpert supta20 days ago
  • that sound when craner says ahhh jellyyyyyyyy than that sound was so funny

    Pradip SonawanePradip Sonawane20 days ago
  • Play hide and seek with these ability

    SAHILSAHIL20 days ago
  • you should do hide and seek with jason

    Mark ChurchMark Church20 days ago
  • Hi am called Hamish

    Angus stephenAngus stephen20 days ago
  • Jason!

    kcid tuliaokcid tuliao20 days ago
  • Jelly is weird

    Valerie DalbeyValerie Dalbey20 days ago
  • Who da heck summons my name

    Jason LinJason Lin20 days ago

    Riley HOUSTOnRiley HOUSTOn20 days ago
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah whahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Helen WhitesideHelen Whiteside20 days ago
  • Jelly chock sound like he is vomiting

    Nicole ThomasNicole Thomas20 days ago
  • Anybody gonna talk about the fact that crainer un-zipped his trousers to show he was not joshes sister

    SpookyPanther GamingSpookyPanther Gaming21 day ago
  • Hello slogo, i watch you almost everyday and i enjoy watching you. I have a question. I wanted to join and play with you on among us but i dont know how,if you can tell me that would be great. And by the way i am new to these comments, i never commented but now i will comment:)

    Lukas PanasiukLukas Panasiuk21 day ago
  • Gosh can you do more zombie videos

    Trevor PetersonTrevor Peterson21 day ago
  • Jelly

    Kovac EmiraKovac Emira21 day ago
  • happy new year everyone πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†

    Ahmad IdrisAhmad Idris21 day ago

    Chung Hong OrChung Hong Or21 day ago
  • You mean your becoming h20delirious

    Luke ScatesLuke Scates21 day ago
  • I'm creeped because my birthday is Friday the 13th march

    Rider Plays ThisRider Plays This21 day ago
  • Hi slogo

    Nevaeh PodeszekNevaeh Podeszek21 day ago
  • Pls bring back the old intro!

    Scott WillisScott Willis21 day ago
  • Jelly was giting all you give in the wish will

    bRokEn aSsAssInbRokEn aSsAssIn21 day ago
  • I thought u were gana play hide an seek

    Mr. Rabbit.Mr. Rabbit.21 day ago
  • 4:51 Jelly: "choke me" is corpse here or somethin

    Tristan GalvezTristan Galvez21 day ago
  • When crainer choked jelly 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    Jarol RodgersJarol Rodgers21 day ago
  • Its chewsday iant it? Diedit) its german i hope i said that right lol

    MR_ SnuckleMR_ Snuckle21 day ago
  • Who else had Friday too the day this episode was uploaded... welll it was for ME!

    Limitlessly UniqueLimitlessly Unique21 day ago
  • Ha ha hahahaha.

    Rogelio AvilezRogelio Avilez21 day ago
  • Do speed runner vs hunters with Jason

    Brent BajaBrent Baja21 day ago
  • Jelly:auhauh basically chocking josh: ok I’m gonna go choke a villager

    Kammy KKammy K21 day ago
  • The next friday the 13th is on August.

  • I like how jelly was telling Michael Myers story

    Death KillerDeath Killer21 day ago
  • crainer is in your house!!!

    TheDeputyMayorTheDeputyMayor21 day ago
  • Don’t know if this is a thing any more but code slogo

    Gaven LindseyGaven Lindsey21 day ago
  • Jason voorhees only walks he doesn't run or sprint!!!

  • Day 2 of asking you to record with badboyhalo

    DreamsDreams21 day ago
  • It actually being Tuesday

    Skullie RexSkullie Rex21 day ago
  • Slogo my dad don't let me like

    halil rashihalil rashi21 day ago
  • I love how Josh he got Jason's first name right but his last name wrong.

    Marcus RobinsonMarcus Robinson22 days ago
  • Tirteenth

    gabriel delicgabriel delic22 days ago
  • Hapy neq yesr

    bruh dudebruh dude22 days ago