Only 1% PLAYERS Can FIND This SECRET ENTRANCE! (Minecraft)

Jan 11, 2021
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  • Day 10 of asking you to bring back fortnite

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  • This Vid Is so cool

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  • I love your Vids

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  • PoopingCriningCrainer

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  • how do I play with you if I got membership?

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  • Did crainer just try to rickroll us

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  • Mmmmmmm josh chicken lay egg not tje thing

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  • Hi slogo

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  • Slogoman if if this is you I know your secrets

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  • 1% because it's scam and not true

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  • Which mod is the reverse door?

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  • Is it a mode

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  • dess video jelly post in facebook

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  • Slogo sucks jelly is the best

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  • Thats a conduit

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  • yes I love slogo crainar and jelly

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  • Crainer and jelly uploaded this video on 2020 mid lile Aug

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  • Kelly said there’s a gap at the bottom😂

  • jelly and school is terrific

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  • 0:38 Crain astley

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  • Love you josh

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  • always stealing from phoenixsc atleast say him thanks for it

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  • 0:41 he just rick roll us

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  • If jelly found one it would be 9999/100 not 1/100 people

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  • Slogo not nise

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  • F you Solgo

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  • What the heck

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  • No one : Absolutely no one: Not even a single soul: Jelly and Crainer: beating dumb as always

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    • Amber O'Brien well they are not the only ones looks like someone needs to learn how to spell

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  • I miss you jelly and kwebble cop plz think about it

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  • You have to unlike to open the door

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  • We’re going to open a door!

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  • i found a secert

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  • I paused the video at the right time: 0:01. Look at josh's face.

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  • Hay Josh I don't think we have should open it for that person

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  • 8:04 that stutter tho

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  • Play sea of theives

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  • loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • intro door:opens me: oh hey craine..r CLOSE THE DOOR PLS THAT IS WEIRD

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  • just looking back at jelly who didn't understand the revers door

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  • 🔥Slogoman I want you to know your a great USworldsr and your hilarious so keep up the good work🔥

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  • O that is a cool secret

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  • Make a hard-core series

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  • In jelly’s sky block he hid a special chest in the mob grinder and it has Iron and he is trying to make u feel bad 4 him bai lieing

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  • can you do Speed run with mandalorian

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  • Shut the f8%*; up jelly

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  • Hi there my name is antione Baugh craner is trolling you do not step on the string

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  • Uhm, could someone please answer my question? When they went through the tree door that led to the treasure, what was that dark blue block??

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    • Lapis

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  • His logo jelly and crainer

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  • So cool

  • Slogo and The Rest Is Just As Important as The First Time in A while and The Rest Is Just per cent 54321 portol

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  • quipped he said that he was not Allowed to Say That the biggest names in the world is Sligo

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  • Jelly hid lots of iron in the mob grinder on the skyblock

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  • Jelly made a new video and, got iron island for your video iron island

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  • Josh: only 1% people can find this secret Also Josh jelly and crainer we all found it

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  • This logo is jelly hidden 55 iron in the mob Grindr in your sky block be free to go take it mean my name is Mr floaty ha ha

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  • Not being bossy but I love ur vids and I would love ur vids even more if u done more minecraft videos

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  • dear slogo jelly has iron in skyblock hes hide it you crainer and jelly has an extra island sky block

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  • Jelly has iron in the mob grinder GET IT FAST!!!!!!

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  • Hey slogo, on skyblook jelly has lots of iron. He hid it in the mod grinder go get in!!!!!!!!!

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  • Crainer blow up your walls for your castle in jelly's world

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  • triangles are cool do a video on triangles with differant types of them they could be weopons and varients could be obsidian and stuff

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  • Slogo is officially at 9.5M get home to 10M so we can get a Slogo roast

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  • Slogo go to jellys minecraft server and burn kramer's house and trees not spoiling anything

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  • I luv ur vids bro

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  • Josh is very smart

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  • Jelly has iron in sky block Minecraft so troll him to get his iron and coal back so you can get the coal and iron

  • Jelly is called iron in Minecraft

  • Jelly has got are you can you throw him in sky block in Minecraft

  • slogo can you ply jelly`s sky block world

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  • Slogo Jelly has an iron island in minecraft skyblock

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  • Name of the stone door is diamond pickaxe

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  • here’s a door for you🚪

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