Dec 23, 2020
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⭐️ We made a magic show in Minecraft!
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Magic Tricks by McMakistein
Download: mcmakistein.com/creations/magic_tricks
Creator: usworlds.info
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  • Slug has the best tricks

    Amy MlinarAmy Mlinar11 hours ago
    • It's lovely

      Amy MlinarAmy Mlinar11 hours ago
  • How

    Alexander ValenzuelaAlexander Valenzuela12 hours ago
  • Thirdyfive

    Shirely ParalumanShirely Paraluman13 hours ago
  • jellys was the beast

    Marvin ArellanoMarvin Arellano16 hours ago

    Jake ZachariasJake Zacharias17 hours ago
  • I love jelly, mrcrainer and slogoman

    Eduardandrei MarcuEduardandrei Marcu21 hour ago
  • no my number was two

    Ronelle GordonRonelle Gordon23 hours ago
  • no

    Hero VivaanHero VivaanDay ago
  • Slogo- welcome back to the first magic show (Slogo 2020)

    linda Øverbylinda ØverbyDay ago
  • Jelly:because I'm a normal human being Me: no one is normal

    Jackie mumtobe FlandersJackie mumtobe FlandersDay ago
  • Sligo did the best magic! All hail slogooo

    FireballFireballDay ago
  • Jelly

    Saif HabsiSaif HabsiDay ago
    • Hi

      Saif HabsiSaif HabsiDay ago
  • Slogo was the best

    Sofija SabSofija Sab2 days ago
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    DJMONKEYCHILd ChilddjDJMONKEYCHILd Childdj2 days ago
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    Anas BoyAnas Boy2 days ago
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    Kylie DlaminiKylie Dlamini2 days ago
  • Crainer looks dumb but hes not dumb hes good and good at videos

    aldin radjaismanaldin radjaisman2 days ago
  • I love slogo, jelly and crainer they r friends because i subscribe them

    aldin radjaismanaldin radjaisman2 days ago
  • Apple

    Adisley DiazAdisley Diaz2 days ago
  • No my nubur was 7

    Haya El. MasriHaya El. Masri2 days ago
    • Number

      Haya El. MasriHaya El. Masri2 days ago
    • Numbur

      Haya El. MasriHaya El. Masri2 days ago
  • Jelly did the most excellent magic in the World because jelly was nice and sogo was Mean

  • Slogo had a super duper cool one in mine

    Tim TihemaTim Tihema3 days ago
  • 5:01 the diamond says subscribe to crainer

    ItzGamerPuppy oItzGamerPuppy o3 days ago
  • 7

    Howard HHoward H3 days ago
  • it was not apple it was 1 because u act like a 1 year old get roasted

    Kathleen CossioKathleen Cossio3 days ago
  • josh was the best

    joe maglianojoe magliano3 days ago
  • jelly still had emeralds in his hand

    Adrian TesAdrian Tes3 days ago
  • This is the logo and I think it’s everyone

    Josiah RobersonJosiah Roberson3 days ago
  • 🍎

    Kevin WardKevin Ward3 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Maximus DardashtiMaximus Dardashti3 days ago
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    Francis’s Plays GTAFrancis’s Plays GTA4 days ago
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    Bajny1Bajny14 days ago
  • How do you do that?

    Bajny1Bajny14 days ago
  • 10

    john Rouphaeljohn Rouphael4 days ago
  • Cool

    pro RBLXpro RBLX4 days ago
  • 6:17

    Joshua KiddJoshua Kidd4 days ago
  • it was apple and i love apples

    Billy BellassBilly Bellass4 days ago
  • I think all of it was scripted

    Flora GFXFlora GFX5 days ago
  • i will say the magic word ehem i like your cut g

    Job GayoJob Gayo5 days ago
  • Slogs had the best

    Farida LehetaFarida Leheta5 days ago
  • My number was the like button

    Mason GomezMason Gomez5 days ago
  • Appl AND

    Ashley HendryAshley Hendry5 days ago
  • If I did magic I would do the chop the jelly and have him be fine trick

    Evan SpinlerEvan Spinler6 days ago
  • Jelly

    Archer AnnettArcher Annett6 days ago
  • Slogo had the best tricks! ALL HAIL SLOGO!

    Mb VlogsMb Vlogs6 days ago
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    Richard JacksonRichard Jackson6 days ago
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    Ronald OcampoRonald Ocampo6 days ago
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    James WoodJames Wood7 days ago
  • Nine

    James WoodJames Wood7 days ago
  • Slogoman

    Zoey Janelles SecollesZoey Janelles Secolles7 days ago
  • Yet crainer in in the void ty

    Niklos WeberNiklos Weber7 days ago
  • Mod

    Mia jonesMia jones7 days ago
  • Crainers wood truck was a mod😒

    Mia jonesMia jones7 days ago
  • I loved all of them but josh was the best and they were very good sorry jelly and crainer and I like all of your videos

    Isobel DowlingIsobel Dowling8 days ago
  • Wow

    noorraf2008noorraf20088 days ago
  • Slogo guessed my number correct :0

    DeAdIsUs GaMeSDeAdIsUs GaMeS9 days ago
  • Poor piggy

    Nathan OliverNathan Oliver9 days ago

    Chenge PlayZChenge PlayZ9 days ago
  • Crainer: Josh, Pls introduce me. Josh: Next up, Crainer.(5:48)

    Rishi ShihoharuRishi Shihoharu9 days ago
  • My favourite one was jelly’s

    marcus falconmarcus falcon9 days ago
  • Ya long vids

    FrostyFuryFrostyFury9 days ago
  • Love 💘it

    Mia SmithMia Smith9 days ago
  • Mods are the secret

    Patricia BannonPatricia Bannon10 days ago
  • They used mods

    Patricia BannonPatricia Bannon10 days ago
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    Tears MmolaTears Mmola10 days ago
  • you

    Ball KidsBall Kids10 days ago
  • Nononono fu*k sh*t

    ABHIJOT SinghABHIJOT Singh10 days ago
  • 4:36 when slogo threw the dimond too crainer look what it said over slogo’s item bar thing (I don’t remember what it’s called)

    Blue Is my colorBlue Is my color10 days ago
  • .

    Creeper enderman brosCreeper enderman bros10 days ago
  • can you upload another one plss

    Mallari, Erniel jr. T.Mallari, Erniel jr. T.10 days ago
  • Bro

    Hassan AliHassan Ali10 days ago
  • Slogo poop

    Gennaro PassaroGennaro Passaro11 days ago
  • Real more magic videos🤞🏻

    Triston MooreTriston Moore11 days ago
  • all best

    dhimaan haque-branddhimaan haque-brand11 days ago
  • Wow so go my number was actually Apple

    Quentin DeaneQuentin Deane12 days ago
  • Josh: Welcome back, to our first ever magic minecraft video Me: huh

    VespaMacVespaMac12 days ago
  • Wow jelly’s were sick crainer were lame and slogo s was the best

    MASE GAMING123 3MASE GAMING123 313 days ago
  • "01:08" 😂 Well I used *𝐈𝐍𝐉𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂𝟎𝐌* 📌 and frankly it's real

    sahin sumonsahin sumon13 days ago
  • "04:40" 😂 This is not 2017 man!! Now your best bet is *INJAPP.C0M*

    derawq rubanaderawq rubana13 days ago
  • "01:16"😂 Greetings! But it's much easier with *Injapp.C0M* 📌 as I know

    jak jimjak jim13 days ago
    • how did you try and scam. Hes talking about a magic show how can he sell magic

      GenjifuelGenjifuel11 days ago

    Emma CassidyEmma Cassidy13 days ago
  • slogo had the best trick!!ALL HAIL SLOGO ?!?!!!

    GetDENIED21GetDENIED2113 days ago
  • I know how Crainer made the oak planks magical, he had different ones in his inventory I saw him change what he’s holding lol

    Poppy ProsserPoppy Prosser14 days ago
  • 0-0 in real life no lies my number actually was apple

    Under The Ice YTUnder The Ice YT14 days ago
  • Crainer used spectater

    Elf WolfElf Wolf15 days ago

    Joely GamingJoely Gaming15 days ago
  • My number was carrot 🥕 not apple 🍎

    BaronTubeBaronTube15 days ago
  • 943402nd view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming16 days ago
  • I actually wonder how he's doing these tricks

    the Woodfordsthe Woodfords16 days ago
  • Slogo did the best magic tricks. ALL HAIL SLOGO!!!

    Kayla MillmanKayla Millman16 days ago
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    MaryJane PascualMaryJane Pascual17 days ago
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      MaryJane PascualMaryJane Pascual17 days ago
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      MaryJane PascualMaryJane Pascual17 days ago
  • Magicus again: this is all an act, I am going to blow it up.

    Sans DanceSans Dance17 days ago
  • Magicus from tf2: oh, I love magic!

    Sans DanceSans Dance17 days ago
  • you

    Steven CarriereSteven Carriere17 days ago
  • ti nombeu vos nat appla its vas 10

    Steven CarriereSteven Carriere17 days ago
  • That is a snap

    Ayat MohamedAyat Mohamed18 days ago
  • when slogo said go ack in ur seat it sounded like go f--- in ur seat

    SkillGamingSkillGaming18 days ago
  • Start it was like your magic show

    Muizz khanMuizz khan18 days ago
  • Trainer

    Rovi Rose MalagadRovi Rose Malagad18 days ago
  • Jello

    Rovi Rose MalagadRovi Rose Malagad18 days ago