Jan 4, 2021
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  • 2:00 Are we not gonna talk about that there in a call of duty map

    Cod_boi_shogun GAMER 12Cod_boi_shogun GAMER 124 hours ago
  • 2:01 is this call of duty map here

    Sync ACSync ACDay ago
  • 542362nd view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming2 days ago
  • Jelly dumb

    Layne CleetonLayne Cleeton3 days ago
  • hey slogo please you hio to the nether get netherite ingot

    Jacinta Gumop-asJacinta Gumop-as6 days ago
  • Noooooooooooooo🤯

    Rith ThidaRith Thida7 days ago
  • Noooooooooooo

    Rith ThidaRith Thida7 days ago
  • Voy c

    Maria CruzMaria Cruz8 days ago
  • The map looks like call of duty

    pandas arts 5pandas arts 58 days ago
    • In stand off

      pandas arts 5pandas arts 53 days ago
    • which one

      tommy2trappytommy2trappy7 days ago
  • I mistook one of the aliens for jelly lol

    Judi BakerJudi Baker8 days ago
  • i love your youtube chanels

    Reuben WithersReuben Withers8 days ago
  • 2:45 if you are codm gamer its a standoff map right

    Aaron James TuvillejaAaron James Tuvilleja9 days ago
  • Xodkdkc!for

    Adien RamosAdien Ramos11 days ago
  • litterally standoff from call of duty

    Hackzy PlayzHackzy Playz11 days ago
  • Come in

    SentinelYTSentinelYT11 days ago
  • toothpick?

    sasha ounesasha oune13 days ago
  • When jelly said balien i died

  • Playing Jurassic World on Minecraft

    Jen TJen T13 days ago
  • i love your viddddssssss

    Joyce CJoyce C14 days ago
  • Did anyone realize that when they were killing the aliens the whole stuff that was on that map was a map from call of duty black ops 2

    shit_idontevenknowshit_idontevenknow14 days ago
  • Slogo

    Dylan JonesDylan Jones14 days ago
  • I have Sligo man on my discord

    Dylan JonesDylan Jones14 days ago
  • 9:14 jelly rat ta ta

  • Did anyone realize this map is nuketown in call of duty

    Xian luigi PintesXian luigi Pintes15 days ago
  • Play pk xd

    Fatima NoorFatima Noor15 days ago
  • Brooo lock at that dude

    Irvine PlayzIrvine Playz15 days ago
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i love minecraft plus what if mincraft will get band i mean minecraft

    Irvine PlayzIrvine Playz15 days ago
  • This is basically black ops 3 but in Minecraft

    Fish night XviFish night Xvi15 days ago
  • And that’s why you don’t use wool for flooring or walls

    asher batchellerasher batcheller15 days ago
  • Can you make a mod were you become an alien in 5 million ship and have 1 million power is what makes your day it’s bud

    Angela ChamberlainAngela Chamberlain15 days ago
  • Hey it’s jelly ur killing the aliens jelly why u killing jelly huh

    Lucas SalgadoLucas Salgado16 days ago
  • that is standoff map

    best melody youtuberbest melody youtuber16 days ago
  • Jelly go back where you came from

    Sahadad HossainSahadad Hossain16 days ago
  • Oh my jellys long lost mothers

    Perlita AmulPerlita Amul16 days ago
  • This Map Is From Call Of Duty -StandOff🤣🤣🤣

    Gall TutolGall Tutol16 days ago
  • Does anyone recognise the place there in / map in call of duty

    Purpleized CrystalPurpleized Crystal16 days ago
  • jelly sed mothershit hahahaha

    Meti ZenunajMeti Zenunaj17 days ago
  • i subscribe to jelly and you

    Edgardo CarcamoEdgardo Carcamo17 days ago
  • Slogoman I'm your biggest fan

    Chasity FrazierChasity Frazier17 days ago
  • slogo: why do you own everything jelly me: well he does own dumbest and fattest

    Tony HumberTony Humber17 days ago
  • that place is the old call of duty map

    Conner MilaneseConner Milanese17 days ago
  • ur lucky because u got ALL of the guns Lol!

    Jayden StephensJayden Stephens17 days ago
  • Wow

    Nahla ElsheikhNahla Elsheikh17 days ago
  • I’m a slogo fan

    Jam BermudezJam Bermudez17 days ago
  • My name in Call of Duty is. AIC gamespot

    Khoo LinKhoo Lin17 days ago
  • You should play sea of thieves together

    Ethan FinnertyEthan Finnerty17 days ago
  • slogo is ganing subs like crazy

    Brooks PennellBrooks Pennell17 days ago
  • Alien has very big heads😂

    L8T0Nx2k11 YTL8T0Nx2k11 YT17 days ago
  • .

    McVexoMcVexo17 days ago
  • Jelly hid his valuables under the tree

    Hasan SounaHasan Souna18 days ago
  • Alien ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Yas YarYas Yar18 days ago
  • Anyone notice that this is a map on COD 🤣

    The BusdriverThe Busdriver18 days ago
  • slogo in the beginning: we only have a bat,stick and toothpick. has guns me: bruh moment

    Charles TilleryCharles Tillery18 days ago
  • This video is so awesome no , you're awesome crainer you're awesome jelly is dumb

    Djoko CatedralDjoko Catedral18 days ago
  • i think josh was sopuosed to say aug o

    Awab TungoAwab Tungo18 days ago

    Camp RosarosoCamp Rosaroso18 days ago
  • It is so much Aliens

    Levi PuppyLevi Puppy18 days ago
  • i cant believe josh said aug

    Ajibola AdamsAjibola Adams18 days ago
  • The mother ship look like a super soaker

    SaistSaist18 days ago
  • Yea

    Angielyn ValeraAngielyn Valera18 days ago
  • hi Josh can you please can you play a dragon Ball Z mod on Minecraft on January 14 with jelly and crainer

    Nokukhanya MdletsheNokukhanya Mdletshe18 days ago
  • Ahahhaha stand off from cod

    cian Joshuecian Joshue18 days ago
  • Slogo that vector you had made me remember the times when you played pubg you should play pubg again :]

    Aj AkAj Ak18 days ago
  • Solog is aBoss

    Oumi Hawa BarryOumi Hawa Barry18 days ago
  • that is so COOL dude!111!!

    Earl Jhon NayadEarl Jhon Nayad18 days ago
  • Any COD players recognize the map? standoff?

    Rafael FernandoRafael Fernando18 days ago
  • Cod players know that map

    Alfonso TemporosaAlfonso Temporosa18 days ago
  • Slogo: We must protect the Village from Aliens “Proceeds to burn the Village down”

    Gaming NicholasGaming Nicholas18 days ago
  • Why are they trying to save the village when they are destroying it anyways?

    Gaming NicholasGaming Nicholas18 days ago
  • The bio gun gives poison to your enemies

    ThePharmd27ThePharmd2718 days ago
  • Josh make a new keyboard and face cam

    Kurt and Spencer GamingKurt and Spencer Gaming18 days ago
  • Just let the alien in he was smart enough to ring the door bell.

    Riley BowersRiley Bowers18 days ago
  • It was crazy

    Gaming LegendGaming Legend18 days ago
  • Have you guys notised that the map is standoff from bo2

    Chris TuulimaChris Tuulima18 days ago
  • Cod player will know this map

    Adsha Ibnu majidiAdsha Ibnu majidi18 days ago
  • Can you play golf it again i miss those days

    Aiden ResnickAiden Resnick18 days ago
  • Josh called the Aug an A.U.G

    yokiyoki18 days ago
  • i notice there map is cod map

    Raiden BoBRaiden BoB18 days ago
  • Wow

    Harrison BrownHarrison Brown18 days ago
  • Happy new year Slogo

  • I think slogo is wrong bc he has not got uploading alot of videos bc crainer and jelly have like they make a video then they upload it so I think something is inportant or things bc the new who's tyour daddy's 2 is not here and like alot more thing SRRY if spell wrong Like it soo much looks like two of my favourite games EVER call of duty and rainbow six siege AND I'M ONLY 10y. THX TO MY BROTHER I CAN PLAY THEM EVERY MONDAY BASICLY EVERY SECONG DAY OF MONDAY LIKE Mon. Wed anddd Fri. Looool BAD SPELLING 😂🤣😅😜😝✌️🖕🙄🙁🤣

    Adka GribAdka Grib19 days ago
  • Jelly looks like luigi Then maybe Slogo looks like mario

    Ronnie Benas-oRonnie Benas-o19 days ago
  • p

    stop okstop ok19 days ago
  • Noob

    Jessie NajjarJessie Najjar19 days ago
  • Booooo

    Jessie NajjarJessie Najjar19 days ago
  • Too many jellys

    Ralex GonzalezRalex Gonzalez19 days ago
  • Soooo... They're trying to protect the town but they destroyed the town by protecting it. Makes sense

    HappyGamer 4everHappyGamer 4ever19 days ago
  • Them getting aug and vector Me: Pubg

    Janit 120Janit 12019 days ago
  • Do mor

    Mep Dude GamingMep Dude Gaming19 days ago
  • i love your videos

    Rohan RobinsonRohan Robinson19 days ago
  • I can't watch slogoman because of that

    aviral Vaibhavaviral Vaibhav19 days ago
  • I hope aliens don't arive👽

    SK SinhaSK Sinha19 days ago
  • It 2021

    Harvey CartledgeHarvey Cartledge19 days ago
  • Happy new year

    Harvey CartledgeHarvey Cartledge19 days ago
  • What mod are they using I wanna to play it to plss tell me what mod this is

    Samuelle Faye LageraSamuelle Faye Lagera19 days ago
  • Pls keep making these type of video

    HyperMonster GamingHyperMonster Gaming19 days ago
  • You know these aliens look like slugs so it should be slogos brother's come to have a revenge for that he have much sucribers and the name of the aliens should be.........slogiens

    noodimantnoodimant19 days ago
  • Bruh

    Maria DumitruMaria Dumitru19 days ago
  • It takes awhile to get to 10 mil

    Steven KingSteven King19 days ago
  • Did he just say A-U-G

    CagemanCageman19 days ago