So We Added BOUNCE MODE To Minecraft!

Dec 12, 2020
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โญ๏ธ So We Added BOUNCE MODE To Minecraft!
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  • Jelly was like really onnoying and triggering I saw it on joshes face that he was pissed and unsure to jelly

    Dakota DouglasDakota DouglasDay ago
  • Jelly stoll your emrolds he put the in a seekret chest behined a book shelf in his basment

    Kenny LienKenny Lien4 days ago

    Michael RobinsonMichael Robinson5 days ago

    Michael RobinsonMichael Robinson5 days ago
  • ME

    Michael RobinsonMichael Robinson5 days ago
  • Go check the GT a video Laserbeam bike

    Ashley BurghardtAshley Burghardt11 days ago
  • Slogoman I am pretending to be on Jellyโ€™s side when I am actually on your side I will say to Jelly am on your side ok this is my moms account ok

    Ashley BurghardtAshley Burghardt11 days ago
  • slogo your videos are amzing

    Slasher SliceSlasher Slice14 days ago
  • Hahaha slgoman ur so funny

    forevebrat107forevebrat10714 days ago
  • Yo! Why are you doing bad things to jelly ๐Ÿ™

    Poyraz UluPoyraz Ulu15 days ago
  • Jelly has more subs then josh but at least slogo is not like jelly dumb

    gaming with Elias Eliasgaming with Elias Elias22 days ago
  • 569753rd view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming22 days ago
  • Stay safe everybody

    Blazing ArmourBlazing Armour23 days ago
  • They donโ€™t know that you can mine dimands with gold it Mackโ€™s me so mad

    bannarama1000bannarama100024 days ago
  • Me: **watching the video** this is fine **Video gets to **2:40** ** Me: HUUURRRRRRRLLLLLLL

    halina wanghalina wang27 days ago
  • Me doh

    Shannon MainaShannon Maina28 days ago
  • I wish I can play with slogo

    Nondumiso NdabangayeNondumiso Ndabangaye28 days ago
  • 9:52 : Legend has it, that to this day, Slogo's still bouncing in the cave, all alone, with his diamonds.

    Jaxen OldsJaxen OldsMonth ago
  • you could do some REALLY tactical strategic plays with the bouncing off walls thing. It would be SICK. edit: NEW VID: BOUNCY BUT YOU TAKE FALL DAMAGE you could also make cool mob farm type stuff

    Jaxen OldsJaxen OldsMonth ago
  • I love your. Videos so so so much and a lot๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโœ๏ธโœ๏ธ

    eman krayememan krayemMonth ago
  • The video was so funny

    Thinknoodles FanThinknoodles FanMonth ago
  • I need more of these videos

    John TonyJohn TonyMonth ago
  • I see that there's an invisible slime bouncing you

    Manuel JosonManuel JosonMonth ago
  • did anyone noticed that jelly and crainer are helping each other?

    crinzee cheesecrinzee cheeseMonth ago
  • I just got here what is this game?

    Toby_TurtleToby_TurtleMonth ago
  • honestly i love the borat reference lmao

    phillip towpikphillip towpikMonth ago
  • What is this seed

    Kasey JohnsonKasey JohnsonMonth ago
  • Yo

    JaMarques AtkinsonJaMarques AtkinsonMonth ago
  • LOL

    allayah Cornwallallayah CornwallMonth ago
  • One question- how much time you spend on editing videos?-

    โ€ขgacha_ seriezโ€ขโ€ขgacha_ seriezโ€ขMonth ago
  • It looks like they are breaking the woods from there heads 2:14

    Tom PlayerTom PlayerMonth ago

    jarvey jamier sorianojarvey jamier sorianoMonth ago
  • pot in vanilla world please I have to see

    jacobandrechristian luistrojacobandrechristian luistroMonth ago
  • Difference in slogo and jelly Jelly is a kid slogo is a adult (Both in size and brain) LoL

    Advait K.SAdvait K.SMonth ago
  • Slogo pls add mod like corona virus

    Jhonjhon ronquilloJhonjhon ronquilloMonth ago
  • Wow

    James DeesJames DeesMonth ago
  • People go boing

    GoEasy GamingGoEasy GamingMonth ago
  • Josh. You missed iron

    elisssia boden13elisssia boden13Month ago
  • The seed of this world is so cool

    imme bootimme bootMonth ago
  • Slogo: Why is jelly hitting everyone! Me: well because heโ€™s a jelly

    Jayden BlueNinjaJayden BlueNinjaMonth ago
  • @luqman op u too

    Johnathan RodriguezJohnathan RodriguezMonth ago
  • One of the zombies attacking jelly in the ravine had an enchanted fish

    Ari chanAri chanMonth ago
  • I do But If i was in hes Game im ganna GIVE HIM Diemends

    Rajan MisimiRajan MisimiMonth ago
  • Imagen crainer and jelly said all you had to use was commonsense at 4:01

    Balazs BudaiBalazs BudaiMonth ago
  • Me

    Sibiyelwe DlaminiSibiyelwe DlaminiMonth ago
  • You guys should do a series of crazy craft or pixelmon(like so they can see it)

    HarrisonptvHarrisonptvMonth ago
  • Jelly is so selfish. Hehe get it, self fish

    Holy HartantoHoly HartantoMonth ago
  • Hello

    Hack EmpireHack EmpireMonth ago
  • Literally the video was literally bad and it gave me a big headache bro

  • Hi

    Ethan. HawkesEthan. HawkesMonth ago
  • i feel dizzy

    kyl sooyakyl sooyaMonth ago
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    Efficient PlayzzEfficient PlayzzMonth ago
  • u can use gold to mine diamond i think but im not sure

    Alvie Louise LoyolaAlvie Louise LoyolaMonth ago
  • how do you get minecarft

  • Hey Josh like dream try to beat the ender dragon ๐Ÿ‰

    Gaming RockGaming RockMonth ago
  • ?

    Kaleem GillKaleem GillMonth ago
  • ?

    Kaleem GillKaleem GillMonth ago
  • Hahahahahaha sorry

    Domingo NacionDomingo NacionMonth ago
  • 3:35 there should be a flash warning

    Landon CallLandon CallMonth ago
  • only ogs remember wowowewa

    Tyler OlaveTyler OlaveMonth ago
  • Jelly sucks slogo rules

    Tiggyntiggy bum bum PooAmd who are youTiggyntiggy bum bum PooAmd who are youMonth ago
  • Jelly ruind everything in this video

    Sierra SolomonSierra SolomonMonth ago
  • yeess the getting diamond challenge is back

  • craier: this is the worst mod ever. me: worst than being with jelly?

    Marshall DukeshireMarshall DukeshireMonth ago
  • Jelly his diamonds in his roof

    Harrison kembleHarrison kembleMonth ago
  • If you used a seed can you tell me what the seed was

  • I like bounceing on the trapolin

    Asghar HoosenAsghar HoosenMonth ago
  • Josh crainer has a secret base in the fountain there's a trapdoor inside

    foxy is cool 1324 yeahfoxy is cool 1324 yeahMonth ago
  • ME

    Gurwinder KaurGurwinder KaurMonth ago
  • jjhgff

    Jana ElhadaryJana ElhadaryMonth ago
  • Josh why jelly moving ever one his a slime

    Rainie Stefanie MatrizRainie Stefanie MatrizMonth ago
  • Oooooooooo

    Estella StrazzeriEstella StrazzeriMonth ago
  • Legend says that to this day josh is still alone bouncing

    G KingG KingMonth ago
  • That was a fast video

    Natthan LopezNatthan LopezMonth ago
  • Mine didnโ€™t bounc

    Glade PrideGlade PrideMonth ago
  • How about minecraft but you cant mine. Hm

    Dante MatheeDante MatheeMonth ago
  • slime

    Gacha_Jacob YtGacha_Jacob YtMonth ago
  • still waiting for that diss track

    Rita OlaRita OlaMonth ago
  • jelly is so shel-fish

    Mr Fish StoutenburgMr Fish StoutenburgMonth ago
  • My brain..........

    Noah Lucca de SouzaNoah Lucca de SouzaMonth ago
  • you need to make new skyblock server

    DJ Stonkin jrDJ Stonkin jrMonth ago
  • Me Jxson

    Ahmad FarmanAhmad FarmanMonth ago
  • Oh a kwebelstone

    Cj Nico Sta InesCj Nico Sta InesMonth ago
  • He is mean

    jose fernandesjose fernandesMonth ago
  • I want to play with slogo

    Sheetal JainSheetal JainMonth ago
  • Me watching this at 0.5x speed laughing Like if you agree \/

    Still Skies ProductionsStill Skies ProductionsMonth ago
  • I mean slogo

    Nondyebo HlomzaNondyebo HlomzaMonth ago
  • Sligo there is a new update in gang beast

    Nondyebo HlomzaNondyebo HlomzaMonth ago
  • Hes stuck!

    Viany ObameViany ObameMonth ago
  • What hapend?

    Viany ObameViany ObameMonth ago
  • Yes sir

    Gaming is Life 1505Gaming is Life 1505Month ago
  • jelly's weird

    Kasten ElsenKasten ElsenMonth ago
  • You should do a pixelmon series with jelly and crainer

    sharkkid 48sharkkid 48Month ago
  • Flamingo I friended you in roblox

    beverly drakebeverly drakeMonth ago
  • Slogo

    Jevoni ScottJevoni ScottMonth ago
  • Slogo

    Xxxtentacion FanXxxtentacion FanMonth ago
  • You playing among us

    Xxxtentacion FanXxxtentacion FanMonth ago
  • GG

    Gamer GolliGamer GolliMonth ago
  • Can you do a camouflage among us

  • Why did you put on borat

    Marzena KajzerMarzena KajzerMonth ago