Jan 6, 2021
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  • There's nothing in the rules saying you have to pick up the trophy you only have to mine it so Josh and crainer won!

  • I'm mad at you Josh and Crainer I'm

    Kathryn GarrisonKathryn Garrison2 hours ago
  • Josh and cleaner is going to win

    Kathryn GarrisonKathryn Garrison2 hours ago
  • Yes

    chris charleschris charles4 hours ago
  • You won

    Ashlyn LeeAshlyn Lee4 hours ago
  • I think Josh and Karina one it’s only fair

    Lori WilkieLori Wilkie4 hours ago
  • Josh

    Nola_kids PiNola_kids Pi5 hours ago
  • speedrunners

    PlotagonandMinecraftfan2010PlotagonandMinecraftfan20107 hours ago
  • Superman

    Jos BarnettJos Barnett8 hours ago
  • That’s a win!

    Thomas GildeaThomas Gildea21 hour ago
  • Slogo won they mined it

    Haihai GamingHaihai Gaming22 hours ago
  • You r the best minecraft speedruners vs hunters ever u deserve to win

    Eesah MalikEesah MalikDay ago
  • Slogo you won good job 👍

    Roy Abou shakraRoy Abou shakraDay ago
  • Look at the beginning when he said the rules

    samuel 0845samuel 0845Day ago
  • I think superman jelly and slogo crainer win

    prosuperboyprosuperboyDay ago
  • I think Josh and Drained should have won.

    Clare DenmanClare DenmanDay ago
  • Yeah yaw won.

    Shalonda FlowersShalonda FlowersDay ago
  • U win

    Sienna ShirtoSienna ShirtoDay ago
  • slogo

    Frosina SpasovskaFrosina SpasovskaDay ago
  • CRAINER and slogo man won

    Jacqueline WaltersJacqueline WaltersDay ago
  • Slogo crainer

    Pratik ShresthaPratik ShresthaDay ago
  • Lego one

    Joey JoJoJoey JoJoDay ago
  • you and crainer won yay

    Perenara TuarikiPerenara TuarikiDay ago
  • Did

    Alysia RittnerAlysia RittnerDay ago
  • Crainer: Im making a boat Slogoman: We dont need a boat Crainer: Ok :( Slogoman: Crainer did u still have the boat? Crainer: Yeah why? Slogoman: We need it Crainer: Ok :)

    Maylene RegaladoMaylene RegaladoDay ago
  • jelly is 1 ooooooooooooooo

    Liam HouseLiam HouseDay ago
  • The one answering

    Fletcher JohnsonFletcher Johnson2 days ago
  • Slogo and crainer won

    Gage FeeneyGage Feeney2 days ago
  • Kraner and Sluggo man totally one

    Fahad AlaskarFahad Alaskar2 days ago
  • Angel ie circle and crater wand and I only had to break trophy that's always it and solo I was glad to you

    hamza Ushamza Us2 days ago
  • Joe is rude jelly is ditching he has swords diamonds and he's hiding in his super base is under his house

    hamza Ushamza Us2 days ago
  • Josh won

    Alan TanAlan Tan2 days ago
  • slogo and crainer won cuz they still mined it.

    lucas filmlucas film2 days ago
  • The trophy burned 😶😶😐🙂🙂🤯

    Dalton AeryDalton Aery2 days ago
  • I love you

    Sheryl SmithSheryl Smith2 days ago
  • Crainer and Slogo win

    Enej MercEnej Merc2 days ago
  • Slogo won they never said they hade to pick it up

    Damian RamirezDamian Ramirez2 days ago
  • i think crainer and slogo win

    Kaylee HKaylee H2 days ago
  • That a win for josh and slogo

    sugar spice2015sugar spice20152 days ago
  • you won slogo

    Naomi SomersNaomi Somers3 days ago
  • Jelly loses

    MacNamara’s ChannelMacNamara’s Channel3 days ago
  • speedrunners won

    Henry JackHenry Jack3 days ago
  • Where they sponed they were next to a tall birch forest which is one of the rarest things in minecraft

    shahid shahidshahid shahid3 days ago
  • Hi Josh I am a super fan but maybe you can a video of hunters vs speedruners but the hunters are doctor strange (craner)

    Epic Dad-DadEpic Dad-Dad3 days ago
  • MrCrainer and Slogo WON because you must mine not lazer it.

    Alfred % SetiadiAlfred % Setiadi3 days ago
  • You won slogo

    Biljana StojadinovicBiljana Stojadinovic3 days ago
  • nah thats a win win

    fang bitefang bite3 days ago
  • U won

    TheOriginalDS_24TheOriginalDS_243 days ago
  • Slogo won

    Paulie BarnettPaulie Barnett4 days ago
  • The speed runners win 100%

    Mary FulkersonMary Fulkerson4 days ago
  • You won

    Rigoberto LlanasRigoberto Llanas4 days ago
  • Runners win

    Dympna TumiltyDympna Tumilty4 days ago
  • I want slow go to be Howk

    Fast Dog RunnersFast Dog Runners4 days ago
  • Superman lost

    Maitri ShahMaitri Shah4 days ago
  • yeah

    Mikhael YosuaMikhael Yosua4 days ago
  • They miss diamonds in the roof of the cave

    Nazish KamranNazish Kamran4 days ago
  • they won

  • crainer and josh won it because cranier mine the trophy

    ignite GONZALESignite GONZALES4 days ago
  • You win gays

    Lucy LargoLucy Largo4 days ago
  • Jelly

    Ollie HAWKEROllie HAWKER4 days ago
  • Jelly won

    Elvia TenorioElvia Tenorio4 days ago
  • No

    Elvia TenorioElvia Tenorio4 days ago
  • speedrunners won

    Paolo DieguezPaolo Dieguez5 days ago
  • Slogo

    MuslimahMuslimah5 days ago
  • This video is very *convenient*

    Millie MMillie M5 days ago
  • Speed runners win

    Fozia RykliefFozia Ryklief5 days ago
  • Speed runners win

    Dalton WrightDalton Wright5 days ago
  • i think you win

    Bodnaruk KidsBodnaruk Kids6 days ago
  • Sjdjd

    Rafa MaciasRafa Macias6 days ago
  • Craner

    Kolten HindmanKolten Hindman6 days ago
  • Auto corrected it

    Kolten HindmanKolten Hindman6 days ago
  • That’s a win for Josh and Kraner

    Kolten HindmanKolten Hindman6 days ago
  • axes is better than sword and and get a shield next vidoe it all crainer falt

    Yakob SeidYakob Seid6 days ago
  • Speed running

    HackerHacker6 days ago
  • Josh!!!!

    Melissa HughesMelissa Hughes6 days ago
  • Kraner and do you Sogo and jelly

    Ted WhiteTed White6 days ago
  • I still think you won because it wasn't fair for him to burn it.

    cooper Weltoncooper Welton6 days ago
  • tomorrow Jelly goes back to school

    Paul ZiliakPaul Ziliak6 days ago
  • and Jelly is still in school

    Paul ZiliakPaul Ziliak6 days ago
  • of course

    Paul ZiliakPaul Ziliak6 days ago
  • Lol i am a jelly viewer

    Leon MaxtonLeon Maxton6 days ago
  • Clearly you won you broke the trophy

    Kareem MohammedKareem Mohammed6 days ago
  • He burned it you guys win

    Emmanuel TabbEmmanuel Tabb6 days ago
  • Josh and drainer won

    Tim SalazarTim Salazar6 days ago
  • speedruner win

    Hayatee H.Hayatee H.6 days ago
  • Jelly won

    Unicorns 009Unicorns 0096 days ago
  • super man lost and josh and crainer

    charlotte fostercharlotte foster6 days ago
  • jello won

    Sammy ThapaSammy Thapa6 days ago
  • slogo and crainer won

    Sonia SantosSonia Santos6 days ago
  • Yes u win cause u mined it

    JuxzeeXQ GamerJuxzeeXQ Gamer6 days ago
  • you win

    Rex MijaresRex Mijares6 days ago
  • And yes Crainer and Josh won.

    Anaiva EsquivelAnaiva Esquivel6 days ago
  • Yes

    Sharma FamilyMusicSharma FamilyMusic6 days ago
  • Cranier and josh won because they broke the trophy it doesn’t matter if it burns at list they broke it

    Ali SlamAli Slam6 days ago
  • i think u and crainer won

    noah zukrannoah zukran6 days ago
  • if crainer mined the trophe i think that jelly lost and yall won

    Kate WellingtonKate Wellington6 days ago
  • Jelly won

    Laura QuaileyLaura Quailey7 days ago
  • Win

    Kelly JerryKelly Jerry7 days ago
  • they won not superman

    Jason BrockJason Brock7 days ago
  • Make the hunters noobs

    The anamal loverThe anamal lover7 days ago