Jan 12, 2021
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  • Slog: Imma try and teach then. Me: Then pray cuz that's gonna be a long journey

    Samey MatukuSamey Matuku3 hours ago
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ihityo slogo man

    Marcelo FallerMarcelo Faller9 hours ago
  • Do a live stream!!!

    Stewart PalmerStewart PalmerDay ago
  • Kya liye show

    Ferdi MeintjesFerdi MeintjesDay ago
  • The hard-to-find guitar unfortunately roll because stamp algorithmically entertain lest a amazing kimberly. skinny, moldy ronald

    Andersion Hasan// RasedulAndersion Hasan// RasedulDay ago
  • Welyn I disiponted you are a pumpkin

    FaZe_Jay YeetFaZe_Jay YeetDay ago
  • Cool watch josh

    Jonny SinsJonny Sins2 days ago
  • 10:35 hahahaha 10:49 funny

    Areej RazaAreej Raza2 days ago
  • I want more

    jack bryanjack bryan2 days ago
  • Name the team traffic lights!

    Sirsnacks AlotSirsnacks Alot2 days ago
  • "Jelly and Crainer has never played this game" WRONG Jelly played with you 5 years ago (well something familiar)

    Allen KipchumbaAllen Kipchumba2 days ago
  • They weren't even listening especially jelly

    dante stewartdante stewart2 days ago

    Gamingwith JasonGamingwith Jason3 days ago
  • Hi I big fan

    Owen ChavisOwen Chavis3 days ago
  • That was so funny when Josh locked crainer and jelly in the house πŸ˜‚

    Callum SherrattCallum Sherratt4 days ago
  • I feel sorry for Josh, jelly and crainer are such noobs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Callum SherrattCallum Sherratt4 days ago
  • please do more

    Yeal LegendYeal Legend4 days ago
  • Jelly: window Also jelly puts a wall Me:hahahahahahahahaha

    matthew punomatthew puno4 days ago
    • Haha🀣🀣🀣🀣

      M NationM Nation4 days ago
  • Do a nother video

    Claire HanningClaire Hanning4 days ago
  • I love how they act like they have never played this game

    BadboyRomeo_lifeBadboyRomeo_life4 days ago
  • I think you name the team trafic light becuese lime red and yellow you know

    Charles MillarezCharles Millarez4 days ago
  • I'm been watching you for 4 years

    Mustafa KhanMustafa Khan4 days ago
  • I love you Channel it’s Beautiful workπŸ₯°πŸ“²

    Angie HernandezAngie Hernandez4 days ago
  • Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Rueben Cavazos-AguareRueben Cavazos-Aguare4 days ago
  • Ark is better

    PrinceDaTryHardPrinceDaTryHard4 days ago
  • Would be funny to see this played on a rust server with randoms. Get the real rust experience

    DavidDavid4 days ago
  • fsybol/draw/

    Akter rashminAkter rashmin5 days ago
  • Its cool how he did not miss the x one time /love your vids Josh keep it for 10milllπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

    Luh NitoLuh Nito5 days ago
  • Yall should do where y'all all split up

    Clayton SolisClayton Solis5 days ago
  • okπŸ‘SIogo

    Barak AhmedBarak Ahmed5 days ago
  • Oo

    ayumi tanaayumi tana5 days ago
  • Day one of asking Josh to do a compilation of bloopers

    Kelly TolesKelly Toles5 days ago
  • we want more rust

    Zander LagascaZander Lagasca5 days ago

    Serjio ChavezSerjio Chavez5 days ago
  • slogo go to gta 5 and ran over peple and mack them mad

    Ben BurneisterBen Burneister5 days ago
  • It's so triggering when Jelly and Crainer build a house. I feel like if slogo built a house himself, it would look so much better.

    SwiftWildCatSwiftWildCat6 days ago
  • Me to

    Senyace CabreraSenyace Cabrera6 days ago
  • You should play ark

    Emily WoodEmily Wood6 days ago
  • Bruh them not having an air lock is triggering me

    dylan bradburydylan bradbury6 days ago

    The_ ACEThe_ ACE6 days ago
  • Did anyone else notice when the editor put the rock bashing the tree The Rock had kwebbelkop's hair

    boi dudeboi dude6 days ago
  • I thought Slogo would do something

    Wicky GamezWicky Gamez6 days ago
  • OMGOSH the sound when slogo is in water the sound scared me like a jumpscared i thought someone was whispering to me hahahahahha

    Treasure MakerTreasure Maker6 days ago
  • There house like a cat

    Christian DepalaChristian Depala6 days ago
  • Yes crypto

    Edulla ArchanaEdulla Archana6 days ago
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiii

    GabriellaAndKaiden SmithGabriellaAndKaiden Smith6 days ago
  • Do a seireis on it it would be great

    avocadoavocado6 days ago
  • 2nd video

  • I've been wanting them to do rust I didn't know that josh played lol

    Georgia DavidsonGeorgia Davidson6 days ago
  • More vids

    Amaya SmothAmaya Smoth6 days ago
  • Yes more plz

    Amaya SmothAmaya Smoth6 days ago
  • e

    MyBootsAreBindersMyBootsAreBinders6 days ago
  • Yay we get more rust!

    SavitarSavitar6 days ago

    rafik grafik g6 days ago
  • Please keep playing it

    gamer lifegamer life7 days ago
  • Playing it

    gamer lifegamer life7 days ago
  • Plz

    gamer lifegamer life7 days ago
  • I love rust

    gamer lifegamer life7 days ago
  • I love rust its such a good game just like pubg season 16

    Faton SejraniFaton Sejrani7 days ago
  • 200,000k on discord ayyy

    OG RehanOG Rehan7 days ago
  • is that server called turtle town

    xZx_OpticxZx_Optic7 days ago
  • like the vidoe

    Beatrice GenovesiBeatrice Genovesi7 days ago

    Asto Ps4Asto Ps47 days ago
  • P

    Geraldine GormanGeraldine Gorman7 days ago
  • Josh pls do more of rust videos

    Marcos CuizonMarcos Cuizon7 days ago
  • Slogoman where y'all making a video prank your friend so hard that they will leave the game I love your USworlds channel slogoman and all of your friends USworlds channel to

    Darrius HodgeDarrius Hodge7 days ago
  • They are like grown toddlers. Like when they say "Mom! Look what I can do?!" And then do some mundane thing.

    Z, Queen Of RandomZ, Queen Of Random7 days ago
  • Just 1 k and hes finally gonna upload another one

    Vei_ stVei_ st7 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Lacey garrard-dinnadgeLacey garrard-dinnadge7 days ago
  • Hi

    Gemma SimpsonGemma Simpson8 days ago
  • Do more pls

    Luke AraoLuke Arao8 days ago
  • Make ep 2 pls

    Mazharul IslamMazharul Islam8 days ago
  • Josh: Here jelly, you can paint on this Jelly: O.M.G I CAN MAKE THE SMILEY FACE

    Millie MMillie M8 days ago
  • wow

    Charlotte RobinsonCharlotte Robinson8 days ago
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  • When you fuse ark with minecraft

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  • Slogo is trolling jelly and crainer slogo lack them in the house it was very funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Melanie EchavezMelanie Echavez9 days ago
  • It is so funny untul me and my little brother laugh 🀣

    Arif BenzemaArif Benzema9 days ago
  • oh yea i joined the slogo sqaud

    Blue diamondBlue diamond9 days ago
  • I Like it πŸ‘Œ

    Ghian Kenji B. SantosGhian Kenji B. Santos9 days ago
  • L know that game is so cool

    Ladan AbdiLadan Abdi9 days ago
  • Please do another one please

    Joel AlarcaJoel Alarca9 days ago
  • can you play the forrest please

    Layton SteeleLayton Steele9 days ago
  • I'll like kill a bear to survive

    Anne HutchiesonAnne Hutchieson9 days ago
  • please make a series form this

    Lucas WrackLucas Wrack9 days ago
  • Do more i want to see them struggle πŸ˜‚

    aniq aydenaniq ayden9 days ago
  • That will be Funny lol Its true

    Isabella SteinIsabella Stein9 days ago
  • Het can u call the house jelly is Little?

    Isabella SteinIsabella Stein9 days ago
  • Hi josh

    Isabella SteinIsabella Stein9 days ago
  • Sligo praise break πŸ™Œ

    Yvonne ThorpeYvonne Thorpe9 days ago
  • I watch this and it shows how jelly and crainer are kids and josh are their caretaker and it cracks me up🀣 Btw, would love to watch more of this series and watch how josh struggle to keep jelly and crainer alive🀣

    Daniel JaliDaniel Jali9 days ago
  • Pleseeeeeeee

    Zhane HayburnZhane Hayburn9 days ago
  • Slogo can you play rust again

    Georgia KyriacouGeorgia Kyriacou10 days ago
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    Wills FamilyWills Family10 days ago
  • slogo should just teach them everything

    Easton AndrewEaston Andrew10 days ago