Using MAGIC Against JELLY in Spellbreak! (battle royale)

Jan 3, 2021
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  • Can you be my friend on spellbreak

  • 353158th view lol

    SymptomgamingSymptomgaming4 days ago
  • Realm Royale + Magic = Spellbreak

    Ferdinand KurniawanFerdinand Kurniawan5 days ago
  • Hi

    Jacob CarpenterJacob Carpenter11 days ago
  • Can you Please do more and with crainer

    Fortnite FishFortnite Fish13 days ago
  • Imagine if you were just playing spellbreack and then jelly and slogo were your teamates

    Aaron Xin-Ze CHANGAaron Xin-Ze CHANG14 days ago
  • The Spirit thing is the upgrade your gomlits

    Yommi Abreu MorilloYommi Abreu Morillo14 days ago
  • Use code. Slogo

    bhuda777bhuda77715 days ago
  • Wow I just tried the game and got a vic on my second game alone in squads

    Green TNTGreen TNT15 days ago
  • I bought a Nintendo for 300 dollars lol

    Tim WaldhlelmTim Waldhlelm16 days ago
  • could you do more Fortnite please

    Tommy OnlyTommy Only16 days ago
  • me= *downloads* me= add me NOW slogo=NOOOOOOO me=( *******name megapolisen

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  • Slogo you looked a little tired maybe take a break are you okay πŸ‘Œ

    Shelby PatersonShelby Paterson16 days ago
  • Sspsos

    mind_reader2604mind_reader260416 days ago
  • Play pk xd

    Fatima NoorFatima Noor17 days ago
  • hfc vngz jzb bvNz vx c gzi I love you so good man and I’m such a big fan of you

    Kelyane AlexandreKelyane Alexandre17 days ago
  • sorry

    Michelle Angela TubigMichelle Angela Tubig18 days ago
  • Ok

    Ahmad GGAhmad GG18 days ago
  • So this game is basically BOBOIBOY FROST FIRE IF You know what movie that is

    FROSTY YTFROSTY YT18 days ago
  • The best rune is the flight rune and the best 2 gauntlets are the wind and lightning

    Fishyboy SidoFishyboy Sido18 days ago
  • 8:59 was funny πŸ˜‚ ngl

    Adriano Muhammad RafiAdriano Muhammad Rafi18 days ago
  • Slogo is getting Acne

  • At 8:00 u hear crainer saying Me me

    The bacon boiThe bacon boi19 days ago
  • Slogo the magic king

    Ronald JohnsonRonald Johnson19 days ago
    • 😁

      Ronald JohnsonRonald Johnson19 days ago
  • I already downloaded it in my nintendo

    Dark_ CorpseDark_ Corpse19 days ago
  • I love slogo and this is Oscar honeys brother I’m a big fan

    Honey ManningHoney Manning19 days ago
  • The scrolls boost your passive abilities

    Lord ChimpyLord Chimpy19 days ago
  • play whith crainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    samir abdisamir abdi20 days ago
  • How do you look so well you are amazing at this game play it on my Nintendo switch I just got the game and cuz I got inspired by one of your other videos about spell-break got it it is a fun and amazing

    Stacie GabertStacie Gabert20 days ago
  • 2 place

    fox's what ifsfox's what ifs20 days ago
  • can i play on pc

    Declan FraserDeclan Fraser20 days ago
  • I got the game on my xbox its so fun

    Liam GamingLiam Gaming20 days ago
  • Why doesn't Crainer play this game

    Ahmad AbdulhaiAhmad Abdulhai20 days ago
  • When you choose your starting gauntlet upgrade your mana to hold gauntlets and ruins in your inventory in a match.

    Sarah FaircloughSarah Fairclough20 days ago
  • didn't they already make a video on this?

    Akshaan BoraAkshaan Bora20 days ago
    • yes

      Mercedes GanacaMercedes Ganaca18 days ago
  • Morrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee

    Bebeh YodaBebeh Yoda20 days ago
  • i love the jelly and slogo duo vids yay! dont get offended i love crainer too but i missed the good ol' jelly & slogo vids :)

    lyssalyssa20 days ago
  • Any one else notice that in the intro his background is Breath of the wild??

    Jamie DayJamie Day20 days ago
  • Can I add u on spell break

    Ice fire SpyIce fire Spy21 day ago
  • Spell break on epic games can I played with you I am good at the game my name is Ninjamoosekiller

    Ice fire SpyIce fire Spy21 day ago
  • Stone is op

    JΓΈrgen SkorstadJΓΈrgen Skorstad21 day ago
  • Make fortnight videos

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  • 9:00 πŸ˜‚

    Prem KumarPrem Kumar21 day ago
  • Is it avilable in mobile ??

    Sumit ChauhanSumit Chauhan21 day ago
  • slogo please do a gameplay aboud you and jelly team up when no aliveplayer you jelly beat each other

    Muhd FakrulradziMuhd Fakrulradzi21 day ago
  • I used code slogo now im popular

    Abrehet MebrahtuAbrehet Mebrahtu21 day ago
  • I would like slogo to make more skyblock/turtle town vids

    Abrehet MebrahtuAbrehet Mebrahtu21 day ago
  • i got a victory in solos 4 kills

    Mr LegendMr Legend21 day ago
  • Slogoo you should really play Apex Legends

    SKULL101 NATIONSKULL101 NATION21 day ago
  • The talent upgrade is the thing buttom right

    Zhao XuanZhao Xuan21 day ago
  • Pls Do more Fortnite!!

    Adam Jurix BokbokAdam Jurix Bokbok21 day ago
  • New players: dash is bad Seasoned Harry Potters: dash best rune

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  • This is super cool

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  • Where is crainer???????

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  • Medieval fortnite

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  • hey slogo good vids

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  • where crainer under a crane but crying.

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  • Where is crainer?

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  • me to

    Mohamad AlshamiMohamad Alshami21 day ago
  • I downloaded the game and I love it. 😁😁😁

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  • Where was crainer

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  • This game looks fun

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  • We want more spellbreak

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  • I was slogos 57 subscriber

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  • Is this gonna be the next fortnite

    Aiman ShamshudinAiman Shamshudin22 days ago
  • Can you update more of the game beast

    Matthew WorthingtonMatthew Worthington22 days ago
  • Funny how epic games had to come out with another game just to make up for fortnite

    Gacha_guy !_!Gacha_guy !_!22 days ago
    • It's weird cause it an be bought in stean

      Narc 2.0Narc 2.021 day ago
  • because of you i love this game

  • I love your videos man keep it up😊😊

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  • Josh please olay fortinite PLZZZ

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  • Slogo can youplisplay dam mor

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  • But im a really big fan ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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  • Slogo Jelly is Bigger then you you are 23 and jelly 24 crainer and you say jelly is small

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    ALPO GAMER gegeeALPO GAMER gegee22 days ago
  • We need more spell break!

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    • @It’s- Wael ik

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    • Ya it’s a good gmaep

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    • Yea moooooorrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee

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  • Slogo just did a todoroki he had fire and ice

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  • moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore

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  • Do some vr

    Brendon bossBrendon boss22 days ago
  • play with crainer and jelly

    AwStarrAwStarr22 days ago
  • why did you not take the flying ability it makes you fly and you can fly any where you want

    medya al mazroueimedya al mazrouei22 days ago
  • SpellBreak Is SOOOO fun

    Anders WilliamsAnders Williams22 days ago
  • i used to have spellbreak on nintedo it was so cool

    medya al mazroueimedya al mazrouei22 days ago
  • im an og in spellbreak

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  • Petty decent game

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  • 0:00

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  • 8:39

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  • Dragon

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  • Did you know that project zorgo was trying to delete USworlds it's real I'm serious I'm not lying

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