We BROKE INTO An EVIL JELLY Base! (Minecraft)

Jan 8, 2021
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  • Make evil slogo

    John Gavrielle TempladoJohn Gavrielle Templado5 hours ago
  • The waiting attempt orally guide because hyena namely march through a wrathful blinker. swift, tasty font

    Nicoline BursikNicoline Bursik6 hours ago
  • Evil jelly is better

    Ionut SpiriIonut Spiri11 hours ago
  • Dhr

    Andrea HernandezAndrea Hernandez11 hours ago
  • Jellys house 🏠 is made from dirt

    Fatima DarFatima Dar13 hours ago
  • Evil Sligo next

    Denise HarbottleDenise Harbottle13 hours ago
  • Jelly has made a TNT cannon to destroy your base in his world! Be cautious!

    Cole JohnsonCole Johnson14 hours ago
  • You stole this video from unspeakable

    Aiden ReichertAiden Reichert16 hours ago
  • Jelly is so short that I’m surprised they could see him 🤣

    Aisling CurleyAisling Curley17 hours ago
  • jelly evil is dam jelly is dam hahahaha

    Jiro Marco MondragonJiro Marco Mondragon18 hours ago
  • Anyone notice Crainer says " potion of invisimibility"? 3:11

    Jackson SmithJackson Smith22 hours ago
  • i thaught he was allways evil

    Jessica HarrisJessica HarrisDay ago
  • U could of used the diamonds from the resepy thing and I don't know how to spell good as I was saying use the diamonds to Finnish the thing I talk a lots btw

    Wicky GamezWicky GamezDay ago
  • Can you make evil slogo whit jelly and crainer

    Nazwa RefikaNazwa RefikaDay ago
  • And an evil crainer base

    caseypin1caseypin1Day ago
  • Why did he wear a slogoman disguise. He is already slogo 🙃

    Brendan LynchBrendan LynchDay ago
  • Why why do people do this

    saga 1991saga 19912 days ago
  • You are my favorite USworldsr slogomans. Jelly is to see dumn to notes you

    Brewers4Life - Brawl StarsBrewers4Life - Brawl Stars2 days ago
  • How can you see him jelly is to small to see him

    Brewers4Life - Brawl StarsBrewers4Life - Brawl Stars2 days ago
  • why didn't they use the xray dimond goggles

    Melanie LoweMelanie Lowe2 days ago
  • Hehe jelly dumb dumb

    Milouse SaintilMilouse Saintil2 days ago
  • Sligo Add me on discord please

    Chewy BhoyChewy Bhoy2 days ago
  • Evil slogo and evil crainer live together

    Rachel DouglasRachel Douglas2 days ago
  • The slogo disguise was so funny ohh look jelly has a wool

    Lloyd BarcilLloyd Barcil2 days ago
  • you should do logo then trainer

    SAFC FAN LEON oxberrySAFC FAN LEON oxberry2 days ago
  • In fortnite

    FA BelleFA Belle2 days ago
  • Plz use code slogo

    FA BelleFA Belle2 days ago
  • Not ice

    BABE_ SavageBABE_ Savage2 days ago
  • Ahhhh!!! Finally a video reaches more than 20min reminds me the older days

    Sunita KanwarSunita Kanwar2 days ago
  • GREAT USworldsR

    DevilartemisDevilartemis2 days ago
  • Hi slogo

    not me jayden not skeepy hehenot me jayden not skeepy hehe2 days ago
  • Damn this is the longest video of josh

    Jian LimboJian Limbo3 days ago
  • whe he said wAll it sound SO funny

    Asya ShenkerAsya Shenker3 days ago
  • We need 100,000likes for next vid

    Naruto storiesNaruto stories3 days ago
  • Slogo can you make a video of an evil you.

    Joe CataniaJoe Catania3 days ago
  • In Minecraft

    Shijo VargheseShijo Varghese3 days ago
  • The picayune speedboat biomechanically whistle because cicada thirdly hammer alongside a workable jumper. chemical, short north america

    Sarah FrySarah Fry3 days ago
  • Solgo be careful jelly put a cannon aming at your house and crainer put tnts

    Tevon CharlesTevon Charles3 days ago
  • I was so confused I don't know that it was real jelly or evil

    Sita ChadhaSita Chadha3 days ago

    GD PlusifyerGD Plusifyer3 days ago
  • Evil jelly is my new trigger word.

    SpooptiSpoopti3 days ago
  • Hello slogoman i am a big fan

    Bacon masterBacon master4 days ago
  • Slogo you have been trolled

    3D09居遠鍏 KUI YUEN WAI3D09居遠鍏 KUI YUEN WAI4 days ago
  • lame

    John ElliottJohn Elliott4 days ago
  • I love jelly

    FluroRapsFluroRaps4 days ago
  • What if I was in there vid

    TEFTEF4 days ago
  • noob

    Phat NguyenPhat Nguyen4 days ago
  • Can you play call of duty warzone with crainer and jelly

    dj demarcodj demarco4 days ago
  • I don’t like diamonds in minecraft

    Finley WebbFinley Webb4 days ago
  • U monster I had plans to make evil me and u stole it

    Vinnie DurnanVinnie Durnan4 days ago
  • 1:21 good work comrade -The Soviet Union

    DonutDonut4 days ago
  • Im your biggest fan

    Sassy JaiSassy Jai4 days ago
  • Finnaly a video that’s not 10 mins long

    Space WolfSpace Wolf4 days ago
  • This is literally like a prestonplayz video but with 3 peeps

    Sara AbadirSara Abadir4 days ago
  • U should add a dumb jelly base and im seriosly

    Roza MayevaRoza Mayeva4 days ago
  • You do know your ment to spy on evil jelly every time then he will leave

    Noah RobinsonNoah Robinson4 days ago
  • 🔥Slogoman I want you to know your a great USworldsr and your hilarious so keep up the good work🔥

    Harpoon GamerHarpoon Gamer4 days ago
  • SLOGO I am looking forward for your NEXT vid

    Elliot Wright VaqueroElliot Wright Vaquero4 days ago
  • o

    Preyanee KongboonmaPreyanee Kongboonma4 days ago
  • Crianer and jelly always bully’s Josh’s accent it’s because he was born in England

    Dead_Shot_242Dead_Shot_2424 days ago
  • slogo

    Nicky DormanNicky Dorman4 days ago
  • Yeet

    Oo LaihiangOo Laihiang5 days ago
  • I laughed so muchhhhhh when i watched this!!!!! Thank u so much slogo, u have helped me through lockdown

    Elin JamesElin James5 days ago
  • And josh tell jelly and crainer

    Aille SaquinAille Saquin5 days ago
  • 🙋 you jelly

    To_Easy798 _To_Easy798 _5 days ago
  • Slogo:

    Stephen GilStephen Gil5 days ago
  • Zone was good

    ᄅᄋᄅᄋᄅᄋᄅᄋ5 days ago
  • My favourite USworldsrs

    Tracy DelaneyTracy Delaney5 days ago
  • 6:26

    KingOwais 786KingOwais 7865 days ago
  • hello

    Mark MendozaMark Mendoza5 days ago
    • hi!!how are you?

      Mark MendozaMark Mendoza5 days ago
  • What if slogo dident wear the discuse

    lemonlemon5 days ago
  • Slogo:hey jelly your being stung bee Jelly:No Josh Crainer:No Josh come on

  • 3:43 made me laugh

    JaxxJaxx5 days ago
  • JELLY🤯💩🤮😱 and🟢⚔️🚩SIOGO🥳🏆😍🥷🙂⚔️⚜️🔱🏆👑⛏🎧⛓

    Divij SangatDivij Sangat5 days ago
  • This is like anspikebel

    Khairul Ariffin Mohd KhalidKhairul Ariffin Mohd Khalid5 days ago
  • 5-22 made me laugh so much

    AR brosAR bros6 days ago
    • I mean 5:22

      AR brosAR bros6 days ago
    • 5:22

      AR brosAR bros6 days ago
    • 5:30

      AR brosAR bros6 days ago
  • Hi Hello go

    Student-BSK Omar Hamdan Oabid Bin Ruood Al Ali 3DStudent-BSK Omar Hamdan Oabid Bin Ruood Al Ali 3D6 days ago
  • What how doo you now ???

    Bili BobBili Bob6 days ago
  • WTF

    Jesse TseJesse Tse6 days ago
  • Josh is like the dad of jelly and crainer 🤣

    Ayannas MayersAyannas Mayers6 days ago
  • R

    milson Emilson E6 days ago
  • i watch jellys versone

    Joseph Emmanuel RamiroJoseph Emmanuel Ramiro6 days ago
  • fk s

    ian doriaian doria6 days ago
  • Is jelly making fun of Josh’s accent because there is a difference between how he says wall and wool wall sounds like wool and wool sounds like woil

    Antoine Lee-Yhonquea LoptubeAntoine Lee-Yhonquea Loptube6 days ago
  • I was laughing so hard when jelly put the diamonds in the wrong way like one plus the other plus a other

    Sonia MaravillaSonia Maravilla6 days ago
  • it should be steal evil jelly Netherrite lol

    Tiger NemerTiger Nemer6 days ago
  • Jelly is already a bit evil😂

    Andy PunterAndy Punter6 days ago
  • i havent seen slogo in so long your stil my fav yt ;D

    sumanthsumanth6 days ago
  • i like your vids slogo❤️

    XianAether PantiloXianAether Pantilo6 days ago
  • Redsus lol

    Laura PresslieLaura Presslie6 days ago
  • Fgteev is doing great r

    Jimmy HowardJimmy Howard6 days ago
  • You’re British

    Corbin Schneider'sCorbin Schneider's6 days ago
    • Ok

      Corbin Schneider'sCorbin Schneider's6 days ago

    Trādi RīdiTrādi Rīdi6 days ago
  • Crainer goes, oh your still evil just not as evil as him

    D BrownD Brown6 days ago
  • Jelly in sky block has 55 iron in the chest at the top of the mob grinder

    Nite is the Fishy armyNite is the Fishy army6 days ago

    Maximo ValdezMaximo Valdez6 days ago
  • Do a evil slogoman

    jens veltenaarjens veltenaar6 days ago
  • Slogo: Here Should Be All We Need For Next Heist. Crainer: Ooh! Potions Of Invisimability

    FurryFox MCFurryFox MC6 days ago
    • U

      LJ CallLJ Call4 hours ago
  • Slogo he left jelly and crainer shhh!

    Achilles EdadAchilles Edad6 days ago
  • Jelly is not dumb ok all of you are cool it does not matter jelly is small he just does not drink milk

    Mariana LuMariana Lu6 days ago